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Schools to Reopen in September, Mayor Says

PS 11 in Woodside (QueensPost)

July 2, 2020 By Allie Griffin

New York City public schools will reopen for the new school year in September, Mayor Bill de Blasio announced today.

City schools have been closed since March and instruction was moved online given the coronavirus pandemic.

School buildings will reopen for in-person classes on the first day of school.

“We’re full steam ahead for September,” de Blasio said. “The goal, of course, [is] to have the maximum number of kids in our schools as we begin school.”

Each school building will have a maximum capacity of students based on social distancing guidelines.

Any room that can be converted into a classroom to accommodate social distancing will be, de Blasio said. Therefore, many schools will be able to host their full student bodies, he said.

Schools that have smaller capacities will likely implement staggered start times for students when the buildings reopen, de Blasio added.

Workers will deep clean classrooms each day. Everyone — students, teachers, administrators and other employees — will be required to wear a face covering. There will also be hand washing stations and hand sanitizer throughout school buildings.

The Department of Education is working with teachers, school administrators and unions to come up with the concrete details of the reopening plan, which will be released in the coming weeks, the mayor said.

“We are doing the work right now to make the new school year successful,” de Blasio said.

The news is welcome to parents who have struggled to work from home, while ensuring their children engage in virtual classes.

About 75 percent of parents want their kids to return to school in September, according to a Department of Education survey of 450,000 parents, de Blasio said.

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With the right precautions schools are safe. They should extend the school year and school hours to make for the loss time. Childcare, feeding and educating children is so expensive. NYC students and parents need our support. End poverty and racism.

Educating children is free to the families for the most part.

That’s actually in the constitution as a right.

That’s on paper but we all know that practice outweighs theory ten to one.

What children need are people who are willing and interested in their upbringing and emotional growth. Parents need to stop using offspring as tax deductions, free laborers and pawns to manipulate the system with. Parents need to stop shoving their children into oncoming traffic in hopes to be able to sue the poor driver who didn’t see a thing until it was too late –then create a GoFundMe page because they “Lost the case”.

Lastly, especially now, parents need to STOP dragging their kids into school half dead!!! That’s how we got into this wildfire mess!!!

Gardens Watcher

Sorry Billy, The Guv makes the call.

Some school districts in other states have decided to do a split schedule. Half the kids go to school two days a week, and the other days do home schooling. The other half of the kids do the opposite schedule.


Many parents with children in NYC public schools can not work because they are home with their kids Bills are not getting paid and the city has made it virtually impossible for anyone to take legal action agaisnt non payment of rent and utilities. Applications for state and city benefits have increased because more people now qualify for it. The city needs to close schools and have virtual home learning and pay for childcare while they work. At least do that for the poor. Schooling and childcare should not only be for rich and middle class whites in NYC.

George Ost

Impossible…… ever see what a high school cafeteria at lunch time looks like, hallways when the bell rings to change classes, I guess no more sports or after school activities and combine all this with defunding the NYPD and taking officers out of schools. Impossible I say. I don’t know what world the mayor, his wife, the governor, and the city council live in but they should change the channel and get out of The Twilight Zone !!


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