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Sanitation Adds Trash Baskets to South of Queens Blvd

Feb. 1, 2012 By Christian Murray

The Department of Sanitation is adding 24 trash baskets to streets on the south side of Queens Blvd.

The new baskets, which would be in Sunnyside and Woodside, come after a number of constituents contacted Jimmy Van Bramer’s office requesting the need for more trash cans along secondary streets south of Queens Boulevard.

“The placement of these trash baskets south of Queens Boulevard helps facilitate the cleanliness of the neighborhood and improves the quality of life for community residents,” Van Bramer said.

In February, Van Bramer announced that trash cans were being added primarily to the northern section of Queens Blvd.

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43rd Street Resident

I would hardly think that these restaurants with deep fryers, who have been in their respective locations for several years before the corner Orchard Farm arrived, would take their oil and grease and intentionally walk through someone else’s business and dump their slop out of Orchard Farm’s side door. Have a better look at the grease on the 43rd Street side that extends all the way from the side door to the street.

Recently I have viewed sidewalks in Astoria’s Steinway Street and Broadway shopping areas as well as Jamaica Avenue in Jamaica, Queens, which have more than ten times the amount of foot traffic and various food related stores, all these areas are cleaner than the areas on Greenpoint Avenue. Not one has sidewalks that look like what we have here on 43rd Street & Greenpoint Avenue. Why is that? Do we just have more slobs living in our area who throw their trash in front of peoples homes, businesses and on the sidewalks instead of depositing their trash in the pails provided for them? It won’t matter how many new trash pails JVB brings in to our neighborhood!

Broken sidewalks in the Sunnyside/Woodside area are also a problem. The above areas I mentioned don’t seem to have this. Maybe the Councilman can look into this. The City of New York plants trees that get too big and lift up and destroy the sidewalks causing people to trip & fall. The people who own the properties in front of these trees get stuck with the responsibility for repairing these sidewalks. This is definitely not fair.


@ 43rd Street Resident

Could this grease be coming from one of the restaurants next door? You know, the ones with deep fryers?

The most disgusting sidewalks emanate from the restaurant on QB- NY Eats, I think it’s called. The sidewalk outside that establishment is filthy and you can follow the trail of grease as it goes past the Radio Shack, around the corner and along 45th, passing the hardware store to the sloppy back door area of their kitchen. Really gross!

Check it out and let me know what you think.


@ peeking in

Sorry, I find the “dog poop” on the sidewalks disgusting and insulting to society. The minority who are responsible for this situation are law-breakers, creating a foul and filthy mess for others to deal with. Do this people “forget” to flush, too? I like to imagine that their pets are embarrassed by their owner’s furtive behavior. These attitudes are why so many buildings are not allowing pets anymore.

Hardly comparable to not turning on one’s windshield wipers or jay-walking.

43rd Street Resident

How is it not related to you? If it isn’t oil then what is the source of the greasy mess that does not wash away with rain, that stains and causes bad odors on the sidewalks at the entrances to your store, that one of your employees threw on the sidewalks not just once but three or more times. You do not need a restaurant kitchen to have greasy products in your store. To find that person, just look within your store.

As far as the city inspector is concerned, the City must have sent a Vision impaired Mr. McGoo type not to have seen the mess.

If you feel that you are not responsible for this action, call: SUNNYSIDE SHINES to clean up your mess. An officer of that organization owns the property you rent from them.


Not too long ago, it was reported here that Orchard Farmers Market would be closing. Is that still true?


i would like to give an answer to my neighbour who posted an article as 43rt street resident . City sent an inspector about this mess and as they report , it is not related to us because we are not a restaurant it means we do not have a kitchen and it means we do not use oil for cooking. The inspector checked all store and couldn’t find anything .We will try to clean that section one more time and install additional cameras for outside . I wish i had a chance to find that person who make that mess .

Orchard Farmers Market


Anything that can add a bit of cleanliness to the neighborhood is a wonderful thing. I’m hoping that people use them, that is.


The garbage cans will be used for Home and Business gabage as is happening now all over Woodside/Sunnyside as it shows above.
They say a picture is worth a thousand words, well that
picture above says it all ………………..

peeking in

Are people who leave their dog’s poop actually “criminals?” I own a dog and always pick up, but I don’t think I would be a criminal if I didn’t. Is someone who doesn’t turn on their windshield wipers when it is raining a criminal? Is someone who doesn’t wait for the walk sign to turn green a criminal? In the same league with drug pushers, pimps, robbers and purse snatchers?

Please, it is bad manners and disrespectful to everyone else to leave a stinking pile of poop on the sidewalk, but I hardly put it in the same category. It is a misdemeanor offense against civility.

I’m far more disgusted and affronted by foul mouthed people, people who play car stereos at full tilt, and those who pass homeless and distressed people without a kind word or offer of help than I am by dog poop. It’s gross, but hey, it happens.

43rd Street Resident

Regarding the Gourmet Farmer’s Market on the corner of Greenpoint Avenue & 43rd Street, some one should make these people clean up the greasy mess they consistently dump all over the sidewalks in front of their store. There are suppliers that provide a pickup service for used cooking oil & grease. The best part is that the owner of this property happen to be the treasurer of the SUNNYSIDE SHINES, the official neighborhood business clean-up squad.

There are many food service enterprises in our neighborhood, grocers, restaurants, coffee & sandwich shops. not one of them throws their used cooking grease in front of their business.


The south side of QB also has an urgent need for prosecuting dog owners who don’t “Scoop the poop.” These criminals seem to operate only at odd hours of the day and night, because I’ve never actually seen them in action. Only the disgusting messes that they leave behind.


Good news. Now how about ticketing all the slobs I see tossing their trash on the sidewalk?


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