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Rose Restaurant Closes

Photo: QueensPost

July 14, 2010 By Christian Murray

Rose Restaurant, a Sunnyside breakfast/lunch eatery, is no longer in business, sources confirm.

The restaurant, located on Queens Blvd (between 44th and 45th), offered old fashioned Irish fare. Menu items included Fish and Chips, Shepherd’s Pie, Irish lamb stew, Corn beef and cabbage — and an Irish breakfast.

According to records, the restaurant had been in business for a little over six years.

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I was taking some Irish pals for Irish breakfast there on Sunday.

Are there other recommendations for Irish breakfast in Sunnyside?


Oh no we’re so disappointed! We bought a gift check for them. They were one of the best restaurants in the neighborhood. I bet we’ll wind up with another awful Subway or worse some gentrified yuppy place like all the new stuff showing up. What’s happening to our old sweet Sunnyside? It’s going to wind up the next Park Slope. Oh wait, we don’t have a park or a slope or any green to speak of.


Yesterday, about an hour after I’d posted some negative comments about Fox’y’s, I was astonished to come upon a full-page ad in the current issue of Queens Chronicle. The restaurant is currently closed, but will re-open on Tuesday, July 20th, as The New Foxy’s Eatery. Highlights of the new menu will be Torta Sandwiches and Black Angus Custom-Crafted Burgers. A blurb says “Enjoy Our Flat Screen TV! Beer & Wine Served.” The restaurant’s website is


p.s. And yes – I wonder why they closed… although I did notice they had closed early a few times… and like Patrick, above (you studied for the Bar there??? Wow!), I want to say ‘Thank You’ to Mike, and everyone at the Rose, you all rock and will be sorely missed! And good luck in whatever you do next! Anne


I was very bummed out to see that the Rose closed. While I agree with one of the posters that the food could have been improved, the Rose, for me, was the place ‘where everyone knew my name.’ It was nice to walk in and have the waitress or waiter greet me by name, and put my ‘usual’ drink down in front of me. Are there things that could have been improved? Absolutely. When it first opened, the food was great and the staff plentiful and attentive. Just the same, I already miss my almost daily trip there for my ‘usual.’ NY Eats doesn’t do it for me – never did – and although I will probably hole up at Foxy’s or some other place nearby, I will really, really miss the Rose!


The closing doesn’t surprise me. I found the food to be mediocre and over-priced, and the service indifferent. I suspect that the nearby Foxy’s will be next. In my only visit there, I found even less to like than at Rose. I think that both couldn’t contend with competition from the much superior New York Style Eats on the opposite side of QB.

Time's Up

Queens Blvd. establishments seem to be dropping like flies.

Roosevelt Ave seems to be losing many as well.


I am sad to see this confirmed by the post. I have fond memories of excellent breakfasts, corn beef and cabbage on St. Pats, and studying for the bar at the Rose. If the Rose’s owner and/or staff read this….thank you.


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