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Robber Hits Chase bank in Woodside Saturday


Suspect from surveillance camera (NYPD)

Jan. 18, 2015 Staff Report Chase Bank Woodside

A man robbed the Woodside Chase branch Saturday and fled with cash, police said.

The suspect walked into Chase Bank, located at 59-26 Woodside Avenue, approached the teller and demanded money at around 11:30 am on Jan. 17, according to police.

The teller handed over an undetermined amount of money and then the robber fled. There were no reported injuries.

The suspect is a white male, 6’2″ tall weighing 200 pounds, according to police.

Anyone with information in regards to this incident is asked to call the NYPD’s Crime Stoppers Hotline at 800-577-TIPS.

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this bank was robbed twice last year and now this year — something is wrong — why do they not have a security guard there —


When will we see a photo of him from behind the teller’s window. I’ll say It again this looks like a Prank.

so im a robot, i deserve to be treated the same as you

lots of criminals seem to wear yankees caps, whats with that!!?? and i aint talking just about the andy petite and arod


Why would they enhance a photo, the photo Is supposed to be the real thing. How do we know that this photo came from Chase Bank camera, and why were the people standing on line faces blacked out. especially the back of the head of guy on left. Every time we see a bank robber he’s at the teller window, this one Is walking away calmly. There Is something fishes here. If you notice the camera Is almost eye level.


Your right, look @ the eye brows, and his lower part of neck, it looks like a bad photoshop trick.


At least this Chase bank has a better camera than the one in Sunnyside, when that poor elderly man was robbed a month or so ago.

open your eyes

i wonder if they ever caught the other bank robber in chase bank on 46 street. and maybe i am a robot. Can a robot live in a world without discrimination..


Maybe you should move out then asshole… equate Yankee fans with a bank robbery is nothing but stupidity which you seem to excel in.

Mr. 11104

That’s what I came here to post, this fat pig is more than 200 lbs and with this clear shot if cops fail to find this guy, everyone might as well go out and rob banks. I stopped wishing they catch these lowlifes because it doesn’t seem to make much difference, it is not really preventing crime, in last year or so I ‘d like to see the statistics, I bet the number of bank robberies (or forced withdrawals) increase.

I bet google images might even be able to find him.


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