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Risen 99c Open for Business

Photo: QueensPost

Nov. 10, 2011 Staff Report

Risen 99 cents, which has moved into the space formerly rented by Casa Romana, has opened.

However, it’s in for some competition. Directly across Queens Blvd, where Master Billiards was located, the discount store Deal$ is in the process of moving in.

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Stephen Johnson

O Sunnyside, thou mecca of Duane Rede’s and 99 cent stores.

This is disgraceful. These brainless, fit-em-up 99 cent stores just make the neighborhood look like it’s populated with transients. How many did the Council and the BID think Sunnyside actually needed?

Giving unfettered approval to pawn shops and 99 cent stores has given Sunnyside a run down, hard luck atmosphere. Didn’t they think of that before they gave approval? Do they actually want to make the neighborhood prosper is a fast buck their only objective.

Could someone please interview the Council and the BID and Jimmy Van and demand to know what the hell they were thinking?


Melissa, thanks so much for that link. I’ve been wondering what happened to The Grind for ages.

What a sad story!


I liked the Grind. I am sorry they are gone. They were far better than Starbucks. I am really sorry about it.


Yeah I agree, the responsibility falls on the Chamber and the BID — and man what a terrible store — that awning cheapens the already cheap looking block. Horrid, a shame. Don’t frequent and it won’t stay open.

I really have to question the point of the BID when stores like this open, seems to be doing little-to-no good for the neighborhood. In times like this, an organization such as Sunnyside Shines must be proactive not reactive…a long list of potential tenants/business owners/chains must be compiled.


I fail to see how Councilman Jimmy van Bramer is responsible for stores opening in the neighborhood, any more than you are.


If you read the comments here you might think one of us made the sign. By the way, when using an ellipsis it’s 3 dots. “its sad” The contraction of “it is” is spelled i-t-apostrophe-s. Add an “s” to “misspelling” and you forgot a period and a capital letter to start a new sentence. Did you make the sign?


I saw the new canopy……….its sad they have a lot of misspelling on it if your around the store look how they spelled Electronics and stationery


I did not know that the Grind closed. It was a quaint reatarant I thoght It was in a bad spot on the extrme other end of the blvd. But there is alot of foot traffic and apt bulding on the south side and norht side of the blvd.

What happened to the lounge across from the risen 99 cent store that new store.


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