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Rigo Cardoso Holds First Monthly Meeting as Sunnyside Chamber President

Manny Gomez, Don McCallian, Pat Tunney and Rigo Cardoso

May 20, 2014 By Christian Murray

Rigo Cardoso, the newly elected president of the Sunnyside Chamber of Commerce, held his first monthly meeting as the leader of the organization last week– following a bruising campaign to take the top spot.

Cardoso was warmly welcomed by as many as 45 members at the first public luncheon, which was held last Wednesday at the Copper Kettle Restaurant, which is located on the corner of Skillman Avenue/ 51st Street.

Most of the regular attendees were there—although notably absent was the recently deposed president Swain Weiner and Laura Heim, who was voted off the board.

Cardoso said that the Chamber of Commerce will “focus on local concerns” and that he aims to help the neighborhood’s small businesses grow together.

Cardoso, who owns Pronto Car Service, has been a member for 20 years, and has served as treasurer for seven years.

The chamber meeting was the first luncheon to be held outside of Dazies for quite some time. Cardoso, when he sought the chamber presidency, said he would hold the luncheons at a different venue each month so all the restaurants would generate business and be able showcase what they have to offer.

Cardoso, however, thanked his friend Lily Gavin, the owner of Dazies, who he said kept the Chamber a strong force for many decades.

Cardoso spoke of the “big shoes he has to fill,” referring to some of the former presidents. He praised former chamber presidents Ira Greenberg, who was in attendance, and Becky Barker. He did not mention Weiner.

Greenberg said he was very pleased about Cardoso getting the top post– since he is a representative of Sunnyside’s small business community.

Cardoso said that the luncheons will be a venue for one or two local businesses to pitch their businesses to fellow members– as well as the place for outside experts to speak.

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Meet the Mutts

Too bad they’re still sending out non-bcc’d emails filled with grammar fails from a non-chamber email address. So much for branding!

Federal Reserve Hipster

6 comments…,I’m going to add “Sunnyside Chamber” to my list of topics that SSP really don’t give a **** about. yawn….

Synagogue in Sunnyside
Sunnyside Chamber of Commerce


Good luck. Nice to see new places getting a little feedback . I love Dazies but change is good. Need to support all businesses not just one.

Celtic Bark

Good to see there’s some new blood and fresh ideas in the chamber. When the same people are in charge for too long, things tend to get stale and stagnant. Good luck.

Federal Reserve Hipster

lunches at diff places to support many restaurants. this cardoso guy is alright. good luck. Dazie’s been milkin off the chambers’ teat for too long.

Flores 65

“Greenberg said he was very pleased about Cardoso getting the top post– since he is a representative of Sunnyside’s small business community.”

Now this is the type of person we really need. Why can’t everyone else be like that?


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