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Repairs on 47th Street Draw to a Close, Boulder to be Gone

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July 29, 2012 By Bill Parry

Construction along 47th Street, between 43rd Ave. and 39th Ave., is drawing to a close—as the sewer and gas lines have finally been repaired.

“This is the start of the final process,” said Victor Carames, a contractor from Maspeth Supply, who said the whole job has taken well over four months.

“First it was the sewer line and after the earth settled we did the gas main. It should be paved next week and within a week and a half, we’re out of here,” Carames added. Maspeth Suppy was hired by the New York City Department of Environmental Protection to undertake the project.

Residents will also be saying their goodbyes to an unwelcome symbol of this project: A huge boulder the size of a small car that was unearthed and left in a prime parking spot in early May.

Bob Murphy’s house overlooks the boulder, which he likened to the local rock of ages, “It’s monumental–from the Neolithic stage before Adam. We’ve been calling 311 for months and they were no help at all.”

The boulder should be removed by the weekend, something the crew contends would’ve happened a while back had it not been for a request: “We would’ve removed it sooner, but these two ladies wanted it moved to Sunnyside Gardens Park,” explained Carames. His supervisor Gregory Pellini added that, “Once they heard the price they didn’t want the rock so much anymore. Nothing’s free.”

“A specialist from the DEP. told me that thing’s over twenty-eight thousand pounds. We have to rent a boom truck to get that out of here,” Pellini said.

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Why doesn’t Van Bramer just put on his Superman cape and carry the rock over to the park himself?

Craic Dealer

“We would’ve removed it [the bolder] sooner, but these two ladies wanted it moved to Sunnyside Gardens Park,” explained Carames.

Stupid bitchezzzzzzz!

Bliss & Skillman

They could have moved it 3 more feet when they placed it there, between the trees instead of in the parking spot and never had to move it again.


I don’t see how anyone should blame the two women. If Maspeth Suppy/ New York City Department of Environmental Protection unearthed the boulder, they should be responsible for removing it in a timely manner. Even if they were going to move it to Sunnyside Gardens park, it is wrong to leave it in a parking space in front of a home for more than a few days. The rock should have been moved well before this project was completed. Someone slacked and is pointing fingers in the wrong direction if you ask me. By the way, I have NO idea who these women are, I just moved here in April. It is a nice rock though. Very Flintstones.


Leave it there, as Nature intended. There are more important things than parking spots! (just kidding!)


They should hold a rock concert to raise funds to move it to the gardens. Are the Rolling Stones available?


I would love to know who these two random women are? Can you imagine? I have driven around here one too many nights in search of a parking spot. Unbelievable.


So two random ladies say that want it moved to the park and it stays in front of a home owner’s house?????


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