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Rent For Retail Space On Queens Blvd: $21,000


June 13, 2016 Staff Report

It would take plenty of haircuts and styling to pay the rent at 47-01 Queens Blvd.

A for-lease sign has appeared in the window at Demi Salon, which has been offering hair coloring and pedicures at that Queens Boulevard location in recent years. The asking rent for the 2,000-square-foot space is $20,833 per month, according to the listing at Sky New York Realty.

The property is also listed for sale on Craigslist.

The space is described as “prime retail space” in a Class A building offering a large frontage and high ceilings.

It’s unclear whether Demi Salon has shut down, but the location is available immediately, according to the Craigslist ad.

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Not surprised. I got a haircut/Ombré/blowout and the lady seemed super confident in her work and was all tak…no action. She completely messed up my hair and left me with horrible chunky weird highlights. $370 something dollars. I would post pictures but I refuse to look at the monstrosity.

They weren’t going to make it with that stupid fifth avenue mentality they have going on. Overcharging for disgustingly horrible work.


Sad to see Demi Salon go. It was a different salon before that. I hate how this neighborhood is changing.

Time to move

I just can’t understand it. This neighborhood isn’t that great, the prices just don’t equate. How can a business realistically expect to survive paying that high of a rent. Its obscene.


They must be looking for bookies, extortionists, organized crime figures or somebody along those lines to pay that rent. Property owners are the greediest people on the face of the earth!

El loco

The predictable responses are coming. Greedy landlords, trust fund babies, yuppies, I remember when Sunnyside had mom and pop stores, we need fewer nail salons and .99 stores, it’s Jimmy Van Brammers fault, too many Mexicans. Let the whining begin!

EL Poco

Why are you complaining about 99 cents, Mary con Nada? It’s below your standard and of desired business but they can some how swing a $22k rent. Plus, those darn Mexican’ts some how priced you out of “your” neighborhood. What exact shop are you expecting a freaking Chipotle or Whole foods?Although that will bring hipster (or anybody under 40 by your definition) might want to live here. Why don’t you challenge JVB or find investors for the magical store that will telephort back Doo wop Era Sunnyside? We’ve been hearing you bitch for years, eventually we all have to leave our mother’s basement and accomplish something, bubble brains!

El loco

You humour less idiot can’t you read. I’m just being sarcastic. Come onturn off the tv and get out a little bit. It’s a joke!!!!!!

Sunnyside Local

Maybe we can get get a Chase Bank just like the one next door to this building! Now THAT would be a Business Improvement District !!


hehehe…hahaha…either a sucker or a big corporation will be moving into the location. hehehe…hahaha…$21,000 p/month!

PT Barnum must have got that listing.


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