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Renderings Released of High Rise on Queens Boulevard Containing Regal Cinemas

Curbcut Urban Planners

Aug. 10, 2018 By Christian Murray

Renderings have been released of a 12-story mixed-use building that will be located on Queens Boulevard and contain Regal Cinemas.

The renderings, first published by YIMBY, showcase the building that will be located at 38-01 Queens Blvd and include the theater chain on the first two floors–with both floors having mezzanines.

The property, to be called The Sunnyside, is being developed by Curbcut Urban Partners and the latest plans were filed in April 2017.

Curbcut said that 38,000 square feet of the 140,000 square foot structure will be dedicated to the theater. There is no word yet as to how many screening rooms there will be.

The majority of the space, 95,000 square feet, will be dedicated to medical offices. The facilities have been designed for dentists, doctors, therapists, radiology, and more.

There will be some ground floor retail and 62 parking spaces in the basement.

The building will not contain residential units.

The building replaces the two-story factory building on the lot that formerly held Liberty Brass Turning Company. Curbcut bought the property in December 2015 for $12 million.

Sunnyside has not had a theater since the shuttering of Sunnyside Center Cinemas in 2015.

The lobby

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Skeet skeet

I love travelers the size of apple seeds visiting my medical facilities from the Daily Bed Bug Convention at the movie theater below.

Captain Potzdorf

Parking and foot traffic will be a huge problem, especially with medical offices and the theatre in the same building. Many people who need medical care can’t take the subway (or ride bikes- sorry, Mayor) so they’ll take cars. If they drive themselves, they won’t have parking (62 spaces for the whole building?); if they take Uber or Lyft, the cars will choke Queens Blvd.

Nice to have a neighborhood movie theatre, terrible idea to put a monstrous building there with inadequate infrastructure.


My home one block away from the site. I hope that candy wrappers and empty pocorn boxes, napkins don’t end up on my sidewalk, I have enough with the McDonald’s garbage ending up on my sidewalk. Even sweeping every morning before I go to work, I still manage a ticket or two on an annual basis given to me by the Sanitation department placed on my door around 10 am about 2 or 3 hours after I have arrived at work as people walk by dropping their wrappers and garbage on the way to work and Qns Vocational H.S.. More people, more traffic, more garbage, parking will be a major problem as well. You have three High Schools within a few blocks, security will be needed at the theatre with unruly teens and gangs which are prevalent in our schools.


JVB should have more trash barrels placed around Sunnyside and Woodside. Have the trash picked up by sanitation on a regular basis. What ever happened to the ones placed around some years ago? We pay enough in taxes for this service! I also have problems with “slobs” throwing trash on sidewalk, around trees, in my garden, etc.. Can be sweeping one minute and getting a ticket the moment I enter my home. We should take timed pictures, before and after, then take the pictures to JVB’s office and contest them!


Try to fight those tickets. I had same problem living around corner from a high school. I swept all the time but you can’t sweep when at work. I even got ticketed for a cigarette butt that blew under my fence and not even in the sidewalk.


I think if all the home owners experiencing this problem go to JVB’s office and complain. Also go to the Community Board and complain. MAYBE, united we might get somewhere. I have been told many times, over many issues that I am “the only one” complaining! Too bad, I pay their salaries with my taxes. Someone who reads these comments might suggest another solution!?


Oh i live On 43 rd street…St Raphaels side..GO HIPSTERS,KEEP RAISING MY APARTMENT RESALE PRICES… 1,100.00 percent increase in 16 years alone.Thank You,I m making a fortune…weeeeeeeeee

El loco

The Sunnyside – how creative! Maybe their next building will be the Long Island City! Why does this rag have that robot thing? I’m not ordering Springsteen tickets.


El loco is the best. I’ve always been wrong about him. He always has the pulse of the people. My dogs and I love him. Woof, woof.

Flores 360

It’s about time our neighborhood gets a theater ever since the closure of its own iconic theater, but the rendering of the place makes me wonder about the impact of gentrification and land value in the area.

Fan of doughboy park

Don’t worry, renderings are always nice and shiny. It will be surrounded by the same litter and garbage that is there now.

curious idiot

Whats wrong with gentrification (AKA progress) cleaner streets, nice restaurants, low crime, better quality of life and on and on. really! that song has been sang too many times about gentrification being a negative impact on a neighborhood


better hope that above will not be turned into a homeless shelter do not trust this at all. be very careful everyone.


News flash: Homes in Sunnyside Gardens already cost over a million.

Maybe we should get rid of some of the historic district and build apartment buildings.

Maria Alexandrine Ribas

This is my neighborhood, my children grew up going to the theater in Sunnyside. The thought of having this new building and specially the theater is a great improvement to Sunnyside and all the new families in Long Island City as well! Love it, love it. I will be leaving my office on a Friday and going directly to the movies great!


loving the look! i just want to know when it’ll open. i miss having a theater in the neighborhood and its going to be a regal theater too? club card owner fun!


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