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Ra Cafe & Lounge for sale

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Sept. 10, 2010 Report

Ra Café & Lounge, a restaurant located at 39-19 Queens Blvd, is up for sale.

The business, which has been in operation for about a year, is listed at $195,000.

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I loved this place from the day it opened! I loved that it was different and possessed a vision that was unmatched in Sunnyside! I had countless nights of fun and good mischief at RA. I will miss the owners and the patrons, but I wish them well!


I agree about the confusing nature of the place, that’s why we never went. Perhaps a lot of these restaurant could use some business consulting, financial bookkeeping help or advertising help. I think it’s also a shame that a lot of these places go out of business in less than a year. I thought it was common to lose money on the first year. Wish they could stick it out longer, and maybe they’d do better???


Such a disappointment. Krissi is right though. I only went once because I thought it was some sort of strange cheesey club at first. A friend suggested it for dinner and I was like are you kidding? I went and the food was great and planned to go back. A real pity but they should have had some tables in the back for dining. You don’t want to sit at some low table to eat a full dinner. It just wasn’t clear what they were.


It is a shame another restaurnat/ longe/ bar out business. We need to maket out town better, advertise our businesses better. Too many of our businesses either on queens blvd or greenpoint or skilman go in then leave within a year or less.It really seem like a nice place to go and enjoy your evening too bad not enought people knew it was there.


I actually love this place. Great drink specials and the food is the best bar food in the neighborhood! I can see why it hasn’t done that well though… the ambiance is kind of odd… like it can’t tell if its a lounge or a restaurant or a club! But I do hope even if it sells the menu stays the same!!


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