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Queens Residents to Hold Rally in Maspeth to Urge Bob Holden to Run for Mayor

Council Member Robert Holden (Facebook)

Sept. 19, 2020 By Christian Murray

A number of Queens residents will be holding a rally in Maspeth on Tuesday to urge Council Member Bob Holden to run for mayor.

Organizers are calling for Holden to run for the job saying that he would restore law and order. The rally will take place on Tuesday, Sept. 22 at 69th Street and Grand Avenue at 6 p.m.

“We need someone who will bring back law and order—and we think Bob Holden can do it,” said Phil Wong, an organizer. “I grew up in a time when the streets were dangerous and we cannot go back to the crime and chaos of the 1970s.”

Wong said that the city can ill afford to elect another mayor like Bill de Blasio.

He anticipates that hundreds will attend the rally on Tuesday.

“It started small but we might get a few hundred,” Wong, an Elmhurst resident, said.

A New York Post editorial first floated the idea of Holden running for mayor last month. The editorial  questioned the quality of the current slate of mayoral candidates and said the city needs people like Holden to take the helm.

The council member has not dismissed the concept. “I’m listening to a lot of people,” he told the Queens Post in a Sept. 2 interview. “I would have to convince my wife and that would be a huge task.”

Holden, when asked Friday what he thought of the rally, also did not expressly rule himself out. In a statement, however, he said his focus would be on serving his council district.

“I was humbled when I heard about this, and I certainly appreciate the support. We have great people in District 30 and I’m focused on being the best council member I can be. I plan to run for re-election to the NYC Council and will announce in the near future.”

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Justice Amy

“As long as he got the votes like me…that boy gonna be Mayor!!…Haters be Hating…coz they afraid of justice…”


The logical solution would be Curtis Sliwa.
Who better to restore safety in NYC, than the leader of the Guardian Angels.

Phil Campbell

It seems strange to me that the media would leave out the fact that one of Holden’s own legislative aides would help plan this “rally.” Conflict of interest, anyone? How many people actually showed up, anyway? No one reporting this actually bothered to say.

Same aid against integration of schools

No surprises but it’s the same aid who was in the news last summer for his Holden-esque rabble rousing against school integration. Holden and his ilk are a malignant tumor in NYC politics. A mayoral run would run the risk of his racist ideas spreading like a cancer. There were more protestors on Tuesday and they called for him to step down from his council seat, as he is clearly unfit for office.

I’m a Democrat and I approve this message.

Right now I would vote for Rob Holden for president, never mind Major of NYC. I
Would grade him 99/100 and Jimmy Van No BrainER 1/100. As a Real Democrat I have been disappointed with the current crop of politicians (socialists/communists) who have infiltrated the Democratic Party and been dragging NYC down. Go Bob Go. Enough of the Politicians
Who would bring us all down until
We are all EQUALly badly off.

For shame

Holden has no policy achievements or even a coherent platform… He simply panders to thinly veiled white rage at progressive policies. I actually hope he does run for mayor as it will likely make it even easier for him to lose his council seat and go back to being a particularly abhorrent gadfly. The first years of his term have been a complete sideshow of incompetence. Imagine the chaos if he were actually elected to higher office! We need real leadership in NYC, not a serious step backwards as this would clearly be.


Holden stands for common sense which is something I cannot say about the majority of Democrats on the city council who pander to BLM and have no problem with looting and destroying and the dumbing down of schools. Holden would be a step FORWARD after the awful DeBozo.


Progressives policies = Pay for nothing,get rid of cops,close rikers etc.Please muppet,I live in the real world tell that bull to some lib arts student.

Case in point

See what I mean? Thanks for proving Holden is not fit to run, Dave! Good thing there were more protestors than supporters at the rally. Holden’s short unsuccessful political career will END in 2021!


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