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Queens Lawmaker Introduces Bill To Stop Zoos From Drugging Animals For Mating Purposes

A Queens lawmaker has introduced a bill that seeks to ban zoos from drugging animals to force them to mate with each other (Dušan Veverkolog via Unsplash)

July 14, 2021 By Michael Dorgan

A Queens lawmaker has introduced a bill that aims to stop zoos from drugging female animals as a means to promote mating.

Assemblymember Jessica González-Rojas said that some zoos carry out the practice so male animals have a greater chance of being able to copulate. The approach is used to stop a female from being able to physically fend off a male in order to increase the chances of breeding.

González-Rojas said she wants that to change and has introduced a bill that would stop zoos from administering mind-altering drugs to female animals for such purposes.

“Breeding is a natural process that should not be forced by the use of psychoactive drugs,” said González-Rojas, who introduced the bill on July 9.

“Animals deserve our protection and that is especially the case for those in the captivity of zoos.”

González-Rojas said that she was spurred into action after reading an article in the New York Times about an incident at a zoo in Ohio.

A female gorilla called Johari was drugged with Prozac after she kept fighting off a male gorilla that was trying to mate with her. Johari was given the drug until she let him mate with her.

“What happened to Johari is state-sanctioned sexual violence on vulnerable animals who are harmed because of our capitalistic desire to entertain people at the expense of other species,” said González-Rojas, who represents Jackson Heights, East Elmhurst and parts of Woodside and Corona.

The article cited a survey of U.S. and Canadian zoos that found that nearly half of the 31 respondents were giving their gorillas Haldol, Valium or other psychopharmaceutical drugs.

State Sen. Jabari Brisport from Brooklyn has introduced the legislation, called Johari’s Law, in the upper chamber. González-Rojas said that the bill is named after Johari, the gorilla at the Toledo Zoo in Ohio.

The bill has the backing of several animal welfare groups including Voters For Animal Rights.

“The fact that zoos are drugging animals in order to breed them demonstrates just how abusive these archaic institutions are both physically and psychologically for non-human animals,” said Matthew Dominguez, a political advisor for VFAR.

“We applaud Sen. Brisport and Asm. González-Rojas for introducing this important bill that seeks to end the repulsive practice of drugging animals.”

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Get your priorities straight

Meanwhile, sex trafficking is on the rise in Queens and throughout NYC and NOT A WORD FROM THESE POLITICANS. Yes, the trafficking of underage girls.

maureen cunningham

Assemblywoman Jessica González-Rojas, I am thrilled that you have taken up this endeavor on behalf of female gorillas and hopefully, other animals will be able to benefit. Best of luck to you.

Me2 at the Zoo

This would make an awesome episode of Law & Order: Special Primates Unit!

Just imagine Mariska Hargitay storming the ape enclosure and slapping the cuffs on the male gorilla rapist. “Your swinging days are over King Kong, you have the right to remain silent….”

Lucky number 7 train

in the 1950s most of the zoo’s in the world agreed to not buy gorillas taken from the wild. since than zoos have breed them in captivity where biologists have studied them, learning thing that can help the Gorillas that are in the wild. This politician read some article in the ” times” ( dont even get me started ) and is now a social justice warrior for female gorillas in the zoo?!?!? seriously? did either one of these two knuckleheads ever try to speak to anyone at the zoo? or to get a counter point opinion on the practice? you know learning educating yourself. if you wanna ban all zoos that’s one thing but you should understand what you are talking about first. such a waste of time. how about all the people on food lines still, let’s work on that first.

Mae Q

That is on par with “Rape Racks!” What is wrong with minds that conceive of these things? Good God pass that bill.

More woke than thou

How about if the male gorilla just buys the female a few cosmopolitans first?

This latest episide of anthropomorphic liberal lunacy brought to you by angry, unhinged militant feminists near you!

Also, does anyone know what the gorillas’ preferred personal pronouns are? Wouldn’t want to misgender them. That might be considered a microaggression (or something).

He's just putting things into the ridiculous woke perspective

That the city now has to comply with to ensure everyone and now everything is represented respectfully.

It’s hilarious and pathetically ridiculous at the same time.


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