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Queens County Farm Museum to Hold First ‘Pride on the Farm’ Event Saturday

Queens County Farm Museum, located at 73-50 Little Neck Parkway, is hosting Pride on the Farm July 31 (Photo: QCFM)

July 30, 2021 By Ryan Songalia

The Queens County Farm Museum will be holding its first ever Pride event this Saturday that will feature Broadway singers to a Drag Queen Story Hour.

The organizers are anticipating a capacity crowd of 2,000 visitors for “Pride on the Farm,” which will celebrate LGBTQ+ pride while giving family members of all ages an opportunity to get a taste of farm life.

The event, which runs from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m., will feature a live band, hayrides and guided farm tours, with a Drag Queen Story Hour at 1 p.m. to introduce children and their families to queer role models.

Three performers will sing a Pride-themed medley at approximately 2 p.m.

Drag Queens Story Hour at Queens Public Library (Photo: QPL)

Kimberley Locke, who finished third on the 2003 season of American Idol, Jennifer DiNoia of Wicked and Mamma Mia!, and Christine Nolan of Hair will perform as part of Broadway Sings for Pride, a non-profit organization that educates the public about LGBTQ issues.

The performance will be Broadway Sings’ first in-person appearance since the COVID-19 pandemic began. In addition to their performance, the organization will have a table with merchandise, memorabilia and other information during the event.

As part of the event, attendees will be able to talk to the beekeepers who oversee the farm’s apiary, the largest in the New York City. More than 2 million honeybees are on site and produce up to 3,000 pounds of honey per year. There will also be farmer-led tours.

In addition to the Pride event, attendees will be able to take advantage of the other happenings and installations at the farm.

Visitors will also get to walk down a sculptured pathway known as Field of Dreams, an art installation that opens Saturday. Participants will be able to write down their thoughts of hope on a piece of paper and bury the note in the field, with a wooden stake and a ribbon to mark the spot.

Pride on the Farm will also coincide with the final day of The Floral Escape, where visitors can take photos with 15 different blooming flower varieties, with exhibits including a flower-filled taxi and floral arches.

Tickets for Pride on the Farm are priced at $12 each for adults and at $8 for children ages 3 to 12, with children aged 0-2 being admitted for free. Hayride tickets can be purchased on site.

The 47-acre farm, located at 73-50 Little Neck Parkway on the border of Floral Park and Glen Oaks, has been in operation since 1697 and includes sheep, cattle, goats, alpacas, pigs and hens.

The farm harvested 21,600 pounds of produce last year and grows more than 200 varieties of fruits, vegetables, herbs and flowers.

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This is all about fostering creativity, socialization, acceptance and capturing childrens attention during story time. Dressing up as a clown or farmer would have the same outcome minus the stereotype that those who wear a dress and look like woman should wear lots of make up, high heels and a gown. It kind of creates a gender stereotype for young children. You can look at it in so many ways when you are dealing with young children. I know because i used to work with young learners. They see things very concretely when they are that young.


I hope the drag queens are all vaccinated and they should all be wearing masks to protect the children. Many perform to large crowds and handle dollar bills which they get as tips from the audience.

Lucky number 7 train

oh snap! you went full insanity on that jam. why cant I quit sunnyside?


I am not going but if I went I would need to know how to address the animals? I mean if a Cow is female but wants to identify as male do I address him as a Bull ?

Man created God

Sunnyside Mom- Propaganda? Please read plain your use of the word.,Your reaction is a bit over the top.

Why are you badgering SunnysideMom

For her use of the word propaganda when you come back with /please read plain your use of the word./

The hell does that even mean???

Meanwhile propaganda is information, especially of a biased or misleading nature, used to promote or publicize a particular political cause or point of view.

Promote or publicize. Biased and misleading.

Sunnyside Mom was pretty accurate.

Once upon a time

Thank god this event is not taking place
At our local library especially during broad
Daylight, I have no issue with the event but
I would be concerned if it happened at the library because you know, you or your children might get shot! And you know who I blame feckless , reckless lawmakers
Such as our lame duck criminal lover, police defunder JVB. This guy is bad for our health but unfortunately lawmakers like Jimmy are two a penny. As long as we
Vote for people like him, us law abiding citizens will continue to suffer and live in fear of the criminals who are free to roam
Around , wreck havoc and be continuously bailed out. Speaking of lame ducks , Maybe jimmy can get a job at the library stacking shelves for the tiny tot section. No heavy lifting required! Now if only we could get all the drag racing to happen at the farm as well!
Julie won , it’s not to soon for you to start a conversation about what YOU intend to do about crime!

Once upon a time you grew up

Life isn’t Facebook and the presumptive CM is not reading bad take Sunnyside Post comments, for one. Organize, and bring your discussions to the table like a grown-up.

Family Guy

There is this little thing called “elections” although I know that the Dems, in their arrogance, don’t believe they exist. Won has an opponent: Marv Jeffcoat, who happens to be black and does not believe in coddling criminals. He also is a family man.

Buyer beware

Note that in a Free society, transvestites have the Liberty to be trans. It’s that the Marxists desire for power includes pa edo phi lia and they’ve hijacked innocence well to do trans people.

Sunnyside Arch

The neo-Marxists aren’t all about pedophilia but they are happy to enable it to keep chipping away at the structures that support anglo Western Civilization. The bigger picture here is tribalism and identity politics, forcing people to sort out into groups and then identify victim status, exchanging a hierarchy of competence for a hierarchy of victimization. Once you sort yourself out, in true Marxist conflict theory fashion you go to war with your ‘oppressor’ (aka any group with something you don’t have).

The antitode to this wannabe communist revolution is to re-affirm Enlightenment principles of rational thought, reason, objective truth, and above all supremacy of THE INDIVIDUAL REGARDLESS OF GROUP. The power of the INDIVIDUAL is the great discovery of the enlightenment and has brought us the greatest widespread prosperity in the history of planet Earth.

Communism, on the other hand, brings us Gulags, famines, and firing squads


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