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Queens Boulevard Property To Get Three Additional Stories

37-02 Queens Boulevard

37-02 Queens Boulevard

Feb, 1, 2016 Staff Report

A two-story building located at 37-02 Queens Blvd. is about to undergo a growth spurt.

The property, which was once occupied by the Queens Furniture Outlet, will be getting three additional floors that will be used for office space.

David Yoo, who bought the property for $8.45 million in July 2014, said that he has been overhauling the property for the past nine months and anticipates that it will take another six months before the building is five stories and ready to lease.

“The building was old and ugly, and a horrible color, so I decided to renovate [and expand] it,” Yoo said.

He said the furniture store had struggled to survive and closed before he purchased the property.

Yoo said he plans to lease to recruit retail and office tenants. He said it would also be an ideal location for a medical facility.

He said that many companies are looking outside of Manhattan for office space and given the building’s proximity to the 7 train it will be in demand.


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Cary Weissman

If you’re all so unhappy living in Sunnyside maybe you should move out or at least occupy your time with something constructive. You are all like the boy in the bubble, nothing is allowed in. U never have anything constructive to say except Huzzah who is trying to bring in Brooklyn Bagel. And Cold Banker get your head out of your butt, it’s 2016 not 1960.

Cold Like a Banker's Heart

Maybe the folks that own that Lady Liberty motel in the 60s will move in here. Fewer residential neighbors means enslaved women forced to open their bodies to a stream of disease-bearing fornicators can’t be heard no matter how piercing their screams. There is parking under the el, isn’t there? Hell, make the meters half an hour at most, that way business will be brisk and profitable for the “owners.” After all, they invest as much as $200, bucks in these walking talking vagina bearers. They deserve as high a profit as possible. That’s capitalism, right? Return on investment makes this country run! God bless innovative businessmen. They make this country great!

Being a bit sarcastic

Just one more fight in the war against gentlemen’s club goers. Walking out without being seen, judged, and recognized is becoming harder and harder every day!

The north side

ok- lets hear all the moaners complain about this building losing it character & charm too

Sunnyside Calling

Although I do complain about such things when appropriate, this one is OK: At least they are leaving it at a reasonable height.

Happy to own in sunnyside

Where is our councilman! Here comes another HOTEL!!!!!!! Oh, wait, no, an investor is improving and developing a property, trying to turn a closed business into some new.

Good luck and thanks to Mr. Yoo!


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