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Queens Blvd Electronics Store Closes

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Dec. 5, 2010 By Christian Murray

Electronics & Wireless, located between 43rd and 44th on the northern side of Queens Blvd,  closed last week.

The store did not close due to financial difficulty, according to the landlord. Instead, the business owner wanted to move to a new area and start a different type of business.

The business owner had been on Queens Blvd. for 22 years, according to the landlord.

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Yeah, the neighborhood could use a good independent/used bookstore, but the table in front of the thrift shop on Queens Blvd. isn’t too bad. I’ve purchased about a dozen books there over the last ten years or so, and I’ve donated quite a few books too. When e-books become the norm, what will happen to used books? I buy the vast majority of my books on sale or used. Maybe e-books will be cheap enough that I won’t be priced out of reading. LOL

I’ve lived in the neighborhood since 1994. I remember when “Nancy’s” clothing store on Greenpoint Ave. went out of business, and when Nancy’s facade sign came off, the old “Silver’s” sign underneath was revealed.

Where the Thom McCann shoe store was, on the SE corner of Greenpoint and 47th St., has been the home of several different ethnic restaurants since the shoe store closed.

Some neighborhood history from before my time:

Where the Wendy’s on Queensl Blvd. is now used to be a boxing arena, Sunnyside Gardens, at which several major fights took place.

The Seventh Day Adventist / Jehova’s Witness temple on Greenpoint used to be a movie theater, as was also the little shopping center on Roosevelt around 52nd St. where there is now a bank and a Rite-Aid (and before the Rite-Aid, a Foodtown).

Sometime in the last decade or so, the Sunnyside Chamber of Commerce put out a pamphlet on Sunnyside history, but I have mislaid my copy.

Anyone want to speculate on what the neighborhood will look like 20 years fron now? Recently, newspapers have reported that the fastest growing population in Queens is Asian in heritage. Will non-Asian readers be able to read the signage in Sunnyside 20 years from now, or will it go the way of the major Flushing shopping district?


I remember the wonderful Korean owned showstore on 46th near Greenpoint Avenue. They raised his rent and now we have another 99 cent store! I am sick of this! How many nail salons do we need? This is very sad.


I know that this neighborhood could use a bookstore. We have a growing population of actors, artists, and young professionals that are coming into the neighborhood that enjoy reading and more importantly going to a place where they can relax and read their favorite paper etc. This can be seen at Aubergine which I think is one of the best additions to the Sunnyside neighborhood in many years.

And yes a shoe store would also be a nice addition, however I am unsure as to how long these places would last here. Stores have been closing down left and right in this neighborhood especially since the economic crisis and it is very concentrated on Queens Blvd. I guess it is because of high rent. Yet the little enclave of interesting places to go to on Skillman continues to thrive, despite the less amount of foot traffic.


I knew Sunnyside when we had 2 thriving Kosher Deli’s on Queens Boulevard, Miles, Thom McCann and Regal shoes on Greenpoint Avenue. Fine Men and Women’s clothing store such as Gerry’s Mens Store, Arvine and Ryan, Silver’s, Eunice, etc. It was more than 30 years ago and now the neighborhood gets what it’s residenets support such as Pharmacy chains, Dollar stores, Cell Phone stores and doughnut shops which replaced the soda fountain candy stores. I find more people on the subway with their Kindles and other electronic reading devices and traditional books are sold second hand from tables on Queens Boulevard and 43rd Avenue. I miss the old neighborhood but I keep trying to find new things in the present that I enjoy however, just as my parents used to pine for the neighborhood of their youth, the times they are a changin’.


Maybe we can get the councilman brammer to get a grant to help open and help pay the rent and other expenses for a book store or other business so they can have time to develope a customer base and make some money. It is always worth trying. we are a huge neighborhood with plenty of schools and adults who read. Surely we are going somewhere to buy our books our kids books our gradchildren books why do we alway have to leave our neighborhoiod so some other town makes money.


Do you folks know how much rent the landlords are asking in this neighborhood? Bookstore? Keep dreaming.


I wonder how we can attract a payless shoe store or a similiear discount shoe store to our neighborhood. We do have plenty of people that live here. I do not think we have ever had one in our area. How about a nice Kosher deli , Like Bens in rego park great pastrami sandwixhes..No kosher deli’s in sunnyside


I agree that a bookstore, luggage store, or music store would be good. I also wonder why new pharmacies keep opening up; don’t we have enough of those by now?

Judy Kaszas

I live in Jackson heights just one town over and we have nail salons and pharmacies. Aside from Walgreens, Duane Reade, CVS and Rite Ad=id, we have 18 mom and pop pharmacies, one opening every day. can’t help but think they are not legitimate i.e. money laundering, illegal medications, etc. the newcomers can’t be doing their homework. I ask why not a book store. You have to go from LIC to Forest Hills for a book store. How pathetic! We can’t read, but our nails look good. Disgraceful.


to sen thorton I am not ani Irish . I think the irish population in our town are very hard working family people. I do not know where you get your information from.


What a shame for another business to leave sunnyside. expecially during the hoiday season. I hope a bookstore , luggage store or music store opens up we have plenty of restaruant already.


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