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Queens Approaching 50,000 Cases of COVID-19

The testing line at Elmhurst Hospital (Photo: Queens Post)

April 30, 2020 By Allie Griffin

Queens is approaching 50,000 cases of COVID-19 as the pandemic continues to halt daily life in New York City.

The World’s Borough continues to have the highest count of residents infected with the coronavirus among the five boroughs.

Queens has had 49,559 residents inflicted with the deadly virus, while the city as a whole has more 159,000 positive cases as of Tuesday evening, according to data from the city’s Department of Health.

The borough has more cases of the virus than several countries, including Belgium, the Netherlands and India, according to counts by the New York Times. It also isn’t far behind the whole country of Canada, which has 50,373 cases of the virus.

Coronavirus has killed 4,817 Queens residents — with 3,755 COVID-positive fatalities and 1,062 probable fatalities. The Health Department defines a probable fatality as a person who was never tested for the virus but a medical examiner determined the cause of death to be COVID-19 related.

The neighborhoods of Corona, Elmhurst and Jackson Heights remain at the epicenter of the virus.

There have been 3,441 residents of Corona (zip code 11368) who have tested positive– more than any other neighborhood by zip code. There were 2,622 cases in Elmhurst and 2,023 in Jackson Heights.

Citywide, the disease has claimed the lives of 17,589 New Yorkers — including both confirmed and probable cases of the virus.

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Gardens Watcher

Kathy, Cuomo is now asking for hospitals to provide lots more detail about the new cases. Hopefully that data will lead to a more targeted plan to deal with this virus. This will be way more detail than just zip codes.

The virus isn’t going away anytime soon, and it knows no boundaries. So we all have to continue to act as if our lives and our neighbors lives are on the line — because they are.


Martial law is the only option if ppl truly want this virus to stop spreading and be over with


NYC needs to release “new” virus infection data by zip code. If NYC’s “new” cases continue to drop, it doesn’t mean that the cases in Queens are dropping too. The Emhurst, Corona and JH figures could continue to grow but that would be masked by the “total” borough figures. This info is crucial for Queens residents so that they can protect themselves, and not be guided by the city’s or borough’s aggregate tally.


I still can’t get tested. My doctor will not do it and i don’t live at NYCHA or one of the neighborhoods the city considers minority and poor.

Guest 2

Subways and subways
Large groups living together
Volleyball and soccer games during lockdown and again subways


Why isn’t anyone studying he reason for this particular neighborhood to have such high number. Everyone is in the dark. Life has to go back to normal, only way is with proper flow of information. NY is in dark ages compared to Asia when it comes to prevention and communication.


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