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Put on your santa suit, Sunnyside Boulevard Bars to host Santathon Bar Crawl


Nov. 29, 2016 By Christian Murray

Hundreds of Santas are going to be lining the streets of Sunnyside this Saturday as they participate in the neighborhood’s fifth annual Santathon/pub-crawl.

Nine bars along—or near—Queens Blvd are participating in the festive event, where attendees are able go from bar-to-bar and get discount drinks. Each establishment will be offering $4 pints of Stella Artois and $4 vodka cocktails.

Participants will be required to pay $10 for a wristband and wear a Santa costume (or at least a Santa hat) to get the discounts.

The $10 wrist bands can be bought at any of the bars—from now until the time of event. The proceeds will be donated to children’s charities to buy toys for needy kids this holiday season.

The bars are also accepting toys and monetary donations from now until Christmas.

The pub crawl will begin at 3:00 pm and go until late.  Participants are able to begin their journey at any of the bars and are encouraged to follow the order of Santa’s route (see map).



The participating bars are: Arriba Arriba, Bar 43, Maggie Mae’s, The Courtyard Ale House, McGuinness’s Saloon, Ida’s Nearabout, Sidetracks, Jack’s Fire Dept. and The Gaslight.

Each establishment will stamp a card indicating that a party goer was at a given bar/restaurant. Attendees who go to all nine bars—and have a stamped card proving it—are eligible to be in a draw to win a $500 bar tab.

Last year’s Santathon raised about $6,000, in addition to several toy donations.

The toys will be donated to Hour Children, Inc., the The Floating Hospital‘s Candy Cane Lane Initiative, Queen of Angels and St. Raphael’s. Those institutions will distribute the toys to the children in need.

“We expect around 500 people,” said Melissa Navia, who is the chief organizer of the Santathon event. “This is a great community event that also raises money for children.”

The nine participating bars are part of what’s known as Sunnyside Boulevard Bars, a group that was formed in 2012 and holds three of four events each year, such as the St. Patrick’s Day Music Festival.






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Hardick shah wont even get time. Especially when he talks and gives his source up. 4lbs of weed is nothing.

Pot fest

Mommy look, santas copping weed from hardik shah! No no little pedro, hardik is one of his elves,hes re-upping , so we can put some in daddy’s Christmas stocking

Bad santa

Its good for little johnny , kwong ,pedro, kalid, to get to see santa bombed. Teach them right! Mommy, why is santa laying in his own pee. Mommy why is santa throwing up? Mommy why is santa grabbing butt? Go outside of the neighborhood this day

seems like no one likes this event, except alcoholic santas

yeah theyre raisng money but how many kids’ lives are destroyed by alcholism? They should do something with more of a positive message.


@seems like And just how many kids lives are not destroyed by alcoholism? it’s way more than the number of lives that are destroyed, that I’m certain..


How is this a responsible event? It just encourages massive drunkenness.

$4 vodka cocktails, and special rewards for people who visit ALL 9 bars.

It’s not hard to figure out the result. I notice some bars are not participating and probably don’t want to be associated with this mess. There is a reason these bar crawls have been banned from some neighborhoods.

No one would object to a charity event hosted by bars that didn’t leave the participants vomiting in the street.

So skip all the nasty comments and 4-letter words from the binge-drinkers in the neighborhood.


oh gewd. can Sunnyside please be spared this drunken crawl of douchey bros and their “sexy” Santa counterparts?

Emmet Otter

God forbid we have to deal with douchbags for a whole day who are helping to raise money for a good cause. We deal with it all the time when it isn’t for a good cause anyway. Who is going to tell the kids their Christmas is cancelled this year because Sunnyside can’t deal with drunken buffoons for a few hours?


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