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Public Feedback Timeline Needs to be Extended for Controversial LIC Ferry Terminal: CM Julie Won

Queens Council Member Julie Won has called on the city to extend the public feedback deadline for a proposed new ferry terminal at Hunter Points South Park (Photos: NYC Council and Michael Dorgan)

Queens Council Member Julie Won has called on the city to extend the public feedback deadline for a proposed new ferry terminal at Hunter Points South Park (Photos by Michael Dorgan, Queens Post)

Nov. 10, 2022 By Michael Dorgan

The final date for the public to provide feedback on a proposed new ferry terminal at Hunter Point South Park is fast approaching and Queens Council Member Julie Won has called on the city to extend the deadline.

All public comments regarding the proposal – which would see the current landing demolished and a new larger dock built in front of the main boardwalk by the Oval — must be submitted before Nov. 18.

Won says that residents have not been given adequate time to review the project. News of the story only came to light last week.

The EDC, which oversees the city’s ferry routes, filed permits on Oct. 18 for the construction of a large floating barge about 100 feet out from the boardwalk. Two boats would be able to dock at the barge with the EDC looking to begin construction in the fall of 2023.

However, Won penned a letter Monday to the EDC and requested the organization push the public comments deadline back until after it presents its plans to Community Board 2 — and the public gets to learn more about it. The presentation to CB2 is scheduled to take place over the winter, according to the EDC.

“The community feedback deadline…is not acceptable considering the Community Board at large has not had a public hearing nor have local schools, nonprofits, or civic organizations been engaged in the feedback process,” Won wrote.

Won said that many residents have contacted her office since last week voicing their concerns about the project.

Critics argue that the new structure – which would be much bigger than the current ferry landing located in front of the beach volleyball court — would spoil the view of the Manhattan skyline and fill the boardwalk with hundreds of passengers.

The EDC says the current landing is reaching the end of its useful life and needs to be replaced with a bigger structure in front of the boardwalk to meet the demand of increased passenger numbers. It says a new, larger ferry terminal cannot be constructed where the current terminal is located given there are road and rail tunnels running directly under the site.

Won said that residents are also alarmed that the plans are at an advanced stage and the window for the public to weigh in is about to close.

“The community is upset they were not adequately informed in a timely manner nor engaged appropriately of the upcoming public comment period,” wrote Won, who represents the 26th Council District which covers Long Island City.

“Community input is of the utmost importance for any project proposals that are intended for our district, especially regarding public infrastructure. We cannot support any proposals that lack adequate community outreach and engagement.”

(Plans filed by the EDC)

The plans call for a large docking area to be constructed in front of the long promenade, pictured, that runs parallel to the picnic area of Frank Ottomanelli’s (Photo: Michael Dorgan, Queens Post)

The EDC told the Queens Post that it welcomed community advocacy to extend the deadline.

However, the timeline for community feedback is overseen by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and not the EDC, according to Jeff Holmes, a spokesperson for the EDC.

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers is also responsible for approving or rejecting the permit. The Queens Post reached out to the agency for comment on a deadline extension but did not receive a response before publication.

The EDC, Holmes said, briefed Won’s office and Community Board 2’s transportation committee about the plans in June. He said the project to replace the current terminal was first proposed in 2019 when NYC Ferry, the city’s ferry service, announced it was expanding its city-wide operations. Former Councilmember Jimmy Van Bramer was also told about the project when he was in office, the EDC said.

Won’s office said that while it was made aware of the plans in June, the EDC never provided a rough timeline for the project. The EDC also did not give “specific deadlines or opportunities for feedback,” said Jenna Laing, Won’s communications director.

“We were informed about the deadline for public comment in late October,” Laing said. “Once the community heard about the deadline, they felt there was not enough time for community engagement and requested more time for public comment.”

The EDC is looking to expand its operations at the location and the new terminal would be able to accommodate two vessels simultaneously – as opposed to the current structure that can only take one.

The new terminal would be able to accommodate vessels carrying up to 350 passengers whereas the current ferry dock can only cater to ferries with 150 passengers, the EDC said.

Meanwhile, Holmes said that the EDC briefed Won’s team about the project again Thursday as part of its outreach.

The EDC said it also met last week with the Hunters Point Parks Conservancy, a volunteer group that helps with the upkeep of the waterfront parks to discuss the plans. The HPPC opposes the new ferry landing saying it would be detrimental to the park as it would block the views of the skyline and the East River from the boardwalk – a major feature that draws many visitors to the park.

“We look forward to continue engaging with and providing regular updates to the Councilmember and other elected officials, the Community Board, and all other local community groups and stakeholders on this critical project,” Holmes said.

All public comments regarding the permit application must be prepared in writing and emailed to

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The current ferry landing at Hunters Point South Park (Photo: Michael Dorgan, Queens Post)


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Good riddance

I don’t believe the Julie won ton not one bit. She wants no cars, screw up traffic on the 59st bridge which is ridiculous and dangerous.
all she cares about is herself and not what the major part of new Yorkers want. She’s a glory hound. She’ll slowly ruin this area . Selfish and closed minded. What about people who have to drive. Disabled, people who earn a living driving. Just not right or well thought out.


We need more elevators to help elderly, the disabled, parents with children and riders with dogs and cats get on the train.

Maria is a Republican operative impersonating an Hispanic person

Maria. – When the Medicaid and SNAP crowds arrive nobody else will want to rise .


Someone call when they get a chance. But of a lot of us want to know is anyone giving out free turkeys this year? I got family and friends to feed and can’t afford Thanksgiving dinner.

Jim giannone

So let family and friends feed you. If you can’t afford to pay for these folks they should pay for you. Why should you get all the free stuff?

Republicans Believe in Myths fairytales invisible gods and conspiracy theories

Luella is a Republican operative trying to give a false impression.


I guess you never talk to a person struggling to pay bills and feed family during the holidays. Have a heart. Plenty of New Yorkers are in need. Wake up.

Republicans Bekieve In Myths fairytales invisible gods and conspiracy theories

Marsha (Hashtagger)- I have spoken with people struggling to pay their bills. They were mostly people stuck in Right to work (RTW) jobs throughout the south and Midwest.

Gardens Watcher

Who is really so concerned that it would “spoil the view of the Manhattan skyline and fill the boardwalk with hundreds of passengers.” ???

sleepy joe

She loves to complain about everything. That’s her plan. Keep complaining telling people its bad so that she can get re-elected again, they will tell you its bad if the other side wins but nothing has gotten better with her being in office. But they keep saying they are here for you but nothing changes Typical politician

Larry Penner

Here are some ways to pay for this new ferry terminal being considered by the NYC Economic Development Corporation. The Federal Transit Administration announced a Notice of Funding Availability (NOFA) on July 8th, 2022. This is an opportunity to apply for $294.5 million in competitive grant funding is now available for its Ferry Grant Programs.

FTA’s Ferry Programs, which includes three new competitive programs this year, supports transit agencies modernize and improve passenger ferry service, establish new service, transition to climate-friendly technologies and expand ferry services to rural areas. There is $209 million available under the Ferry Service for Rural Communities Program that provides funding to states to ensure basic essential ferry service is provided to rural areas; (2) $49 million is available under the Electric or Low-Emitting Ferry Pilot Program for electric or low-emitting ferries and associated infrastructure that reduce greenhouse gas emissions by using alternative fuels or on-board energy storage systems; and (3) $36.5 million ($3.25 million set aside to support low or zero-emission ferries) that provide funding to support existing ferry service, establish new ferry service, repair and modernize ferry boars, terminals, related facilities and equipment in urbanized areas.

FTA recipients such as NYC DOT can also choose to spend whatever they receive under their share of Fiscal Year Section 5307 Urbanized Area; $4.929 billion or Section 5337 State of Good Repair $2,723 billion for ferry projects. The Federal Highway Administration has funding under several programs including Congestion Mitigation Air Quality (CMAQ), Surface Transportation Program (STP) and others which can be flexed or transferred to FTA can also finance capital ferry projects.

Mayor Eric Adams should ask NYC Department of Transportation Commissioner Ydanis Rodriguez to apply for these funds on behalf of Canarsie residents looking for a new ferry service. NYC Economic Development Corporation President & CEO Andrew Kimball can do the same on behalf of the Private Ferry Operators Program. This is another great example of Washington providing financial assistance to promote public transportation.


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