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Pub Crawl on Skillman this Saturday

Photo: QueensPost

Jan. 26, 2012 Staff Report

A pub crawl along Skillman Ave. is scheduled to take place on Saturday, Jan. 28.

To take part, participants must register at the Kettle Bar and Restaurant between 3 p.m. and 5 p.m. The bar is located at 50-24 Skillman Ave.

Upon registering, attendees will receive bracelets that will get them their first drink for half price. The crawl begins at 3:30 p.m. and runs through the night.

Bars include: the Kettle Bar and Restaurant, Aubergine Cafe, The Brogue, Cafe Marlene, Murphy’s Bar, Quaint, Flynn’s Garden Inn, Claret and the Dog and Duck.

To be part of the event, attendees must bring $5 worth of canned food.

All donations will be given to Queen of Angels Church.

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Mr. D

No way. Cocktails are for everybody to enjoy.. They bring in too much tax money to stop people from boozin it up.

Just wondering

Gee, I thought pub crawls were against the state liquor authority rules. Does anybody know??

Just Looking

No one said you had to drink alcohol. And no one said you had to go to all the pubs. It is a way for the pubs to serve new patrons while doing a good bit for the neighborhood. Go, drink coffee, tea, water, the first at half price in every place, meet new people and enjoy yourself.


It’s probably a good idea to keep the pub crawl on one side of Queens Blvd as that road is dangerous enough to cross when you’re sober.


Lily you are right… I did say that we do other charity work during the year.. the council man was great with the school drive to help our kids which was fantastic and the drive for the fire victims on woodise was great also… I did that before… However I would like to see a bigger fundraier event to help our town on a larger family scale so the entire family could enjoy… stayed turned for more detals


Sunnysider, you’ll recall there was a huge school-supplies drive recently, as well as a food and clothing drive to help victims of the Woodside fire. There is no shortage of opportunity to get involved.

I think this is great not only for Queen of Angels, but for local businesses! There are some great places on this list.


Dear Krissi..every event that our orgaziation use to raise money for all causes alre always held in a bar

Use your memory and tell me the last time anyone raised money for any neighborhood caue that it was not held in a bar… there have been a few… last spring the boys and girls club had a checker and chess tornament in one of the churches on the southside of the blvd .. but 90% of these events are in a bar


it’d probably be more successful if all of the pubs in sunnyside were included, not just the ones on skillman


Why is every event we run involved bar driinking… I hopoe that it is a huge sucess and we need to support the food drive in our town… but how about creating an event for the family to go to..



Unfortunately I have family plans :-(. I hope they do this again in teh Spring!


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