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Psychic Operating Out of Sunnyside Grocery Store

Photo: QueensPost

Psychic on 43rd Ave.

Aug. 24, 2011 Staff Report

Times are tough and the rent is too damn high. That’s what most retailers in Sunnyside are saying.

Well, one Sunnyside store has got inventive as it struggles to pay the rent– and has decided to stretch the bounds of free-market economics.

Sunnyside Market, a large grocery store on 43rd Ave. (btw. 42nd and 43rd Sts.), has essentially subleased the front corner of its store to a psychic. The psychic, which set up shop in the past 10 days, has a little box and curtain–and sits out the front of the store on the street.  She charges $5 for a palm reading.

The grocery store, in turn, charges the psychic $300 per month to operate there, according to a well-placed source.

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“cave-like stores filled with cheap junk hanging everywhere that are all over the area.”

Very funny!

As for the Stock Tip : she told me to stock up on bread, so I bought two on Friday from MET. This apparently has caused Aileen to go without any. Sorry. However, since she’s psychic this must be part of a greater plan. So who knows how this benefited Aileen?!?

45th and Skillman

Not mentioned in this article:

all the proceeds from this enterprise will go to the Sunnyside Gardens Park

Bliss & Skillman

Debbie .. what do you have against pawn shops? They usually carry higher priced merchandise than all the cave-like stores filled with cheap junk hanging everywhere that are all over the area. Personally, I’d like to see an upscale lingerie store for when I come to visit my boyfriend! 🙂


if she were really psychic wouldn’t she have been able to envision her signage being printed backwards before it was delivered?



The taped-on cardboard just completes this “classy” addition to Sunnyside Market.

-David Bloom- Well it’s Sunnyside Market’s own fault, IMO. I used to shop there frequently – at first I was annoyed at the lack of price tags, but the final straw was the price gouging that took place one night over a gallon of milk. With no prices listed I brought it to the counter and they rang up $4 (this was over two years ago when prices were under $3). So I crossed them off my list.

When there’s competition literally on every corner, you need to be a good decent business person and care about your customers – not try and rip them off.

-Sunnysider- has it right we need different stores opening up – and they have to be of better quality to survive in today’s market.


Maybe all the business should take a que and rent out their space and cover their rent easirer. it is a good way for anew busines to come in and not have a huge expense and then grow and expand with a brand new customer base like a incubator effect. I am not inlove physics but I would prefer a book store or jean store. we could use some employment offices here or a bank on skillman ave which I am asking for.


There was a psychic over by the funeral home block on QB for years. Nothing new (except now blogs expose them.) I’m sure her days are numbered.

Oppressed Masses

I wonder if the psychic will be able to tell if the price of peaches is going to stay at almost $2 a pound. What’s up with that anyway?

David Brown

I don’t think that this is the sign of a negative change… I think it’s the product of a business thriving down the block. The Met has simply beaten the competition on 43rd Ave. While this store may be on the way out; we in the neighborhood have benefited as the Met expands, and increases it’s selection.


what is so wrong with a decent pawn shop in the neighborhood at least the new one is connected to the police department — is Sunnyside any different then any other neighborhood this includes Manhattan!!!!!!


All the pawn shops moving into the neighborhood aren’t helping either. I am born & raised in Sunnyside and I am saddened at how the neighborhood is changing in a negative way…


does the owner pay taxes on that money that he/she gets from the psychic who rents from them? if not someone should turn them in to the I.R.S. — lol

Lucky Lu

Is this the same woman that was operating over on Queens Blvd right across from the 40th St. subway station? I live very close to this store. I have yet to actually see anyone sitting in the psychic tent, but this whole set up makes the area look even more degraded. That store is so dumpy and trashy (many of their dairy products on the shelves are past expiration date and I have had to return milk more than once because it was spoiled even when the expiration date had not passed). This ridiculous psychic setup just adds to that aura.


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