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Political Group Comes to Sunnyside, Wants to Impeach Obama

Photo: QueensPost

July 31, 2012 By Christian Murray

Sunnyside got a visit from supporters of the Lyndon LaRouche political movement who organized in front of the 44th Street Post Office last week to protest the US banking system.

John Scialdone and Jeff Rebello handed out literature for the radical group and engaged pedestrians in discussions ranging from the LIBOR scandal, Glass-Steagall Act and Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner. The group also discussed the use of military force without consent from Congress.

The real attention getter was a large poster calling for the impeachment of President Obama as well as a picture comparing Obama with a Hitler Mustache.

“We’ve had all kinds of responses, nothing bad,” Scialdone said. “We’re just sharing information trying to re-establish the separation between investment banking and deposit-taking.” Rebello added that “the financial system is disintegrating.”

Lyndon LaRouche, the leader of the movement, is a controversial figure who ran for President eight times between 1976 and 2004.  Supporters of LaRouche call him a political leader in the tradition of Franklin D. Roosevelt. However, commentators for The Washington Post and The New York Times have described him as a conspiracy theorist and a political extremist.

While Scialdone and Rebello said they experienced no problems presenting the views of LaRouche’s political action committee, Post Office Supervisor Danielle said that this is not always the case. “These guys [other LaRouche reps] come six times a year and we’ve had to call the NYPD several times because the arguments have gotten out of hand. The policemen calm the situation down, but that’s about all they can do.”

“I found them to be quite obnoxious,” said Carol of Forest Hills, who was in her old neighborhood to clear her P.O. Box. “I was surprised at their aggressive nature. It raises my blood pressure.” Passing motorist Allan shook his head at the picture of Obama with a Hitler mustache and said: “It’s a democratic state; they can do what they want, right?”

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Hi Julia, I wasn’t trying to witty, sorry. I guess there are many opinions around here – you certainly seem to disagree much of what is going on, too. Perhaps a healthy and constructive debate is possible?

There have been political caricatures in the media for hundreds of years, along with at least two diametrically opposed political views. I doubt very much that Sunnyside Post wants to provide us with a forum in which to discuss Bush, the Looney Left, Games of Thrones, or the Glass Stegall act.

I think the rudest and least accurate statement is from “you all make me laugh” that implies our community is made up of mostly illegal aliens who don’t vote, don’t know who the president is, and do not care about our country’s future.

None of us even commented on that. Oh well, at least WE know this isn’t the truth.

Get a Life

Larouche? Gag me. I also remember the Bush is Hitler crap. Terrible photos, absolutely awful. Can we impeach the mayor? He gave himself a third term.


Superwitty – you are not very witty and as for Ron Paul, please – no way! And I like the mililtary – sorry Craic Dealer, that you don’t. (Have family members serving.) I also remember the Bush is Hitler signs which the Far Left really loved. And I remember on Game of Thrones the scene of decapitated heads, one of them belong to Pres. Bush. Of course, the producers had an “innocent explanation”. They should have been visited by the police/secret service for that one. Disgusting actions from the Looney Left.

Craic Dealer

Romney is absolute trash. He’s no different than Obama. You want real Liberties you vote Ron Paul. The only candidate that the media and the Military Industrial Complex hates.


Well, you certainly have some good examples. I was at the ’04 rally in NYC and do not recall Bush being compared to Hitler, but I obviously missed these. I do remember his being portrayed as Alfred E. Newman, and Comic-book Man from The Simpsons calling him “Worst President Ever.”

I recall him portrayed as lacking intelligence and being a puppet of Cheney, but evil, vicious, and Hitler-ish?? Nevertheless, he aroused so many negative emotions.


I don’t recall Bush with Hitler mustache images at all. Snake, sometimes I think you just make this stuff up to be entertaining. Does anyone else have memories of frequent depictions of President Bush like this? Maybe I missed this.


George Bush with Hitler mustache, however, is acceptable it seems. I saw lots of those a few years ago.

Oppressed Masses

A little off topic, but nice job by the photographer on the picture, outstanding rendition of depth perception.


*Unless they actually live around here and mark the sidewalks.. Because I don’t see them around the time there are writings on the sidewalk.. I figured they are not linked, but now that you mentioned it, it may be them…


They are not the ones marking the street with chalk.
But I hate them as as much as everyone else. Do they even have permit to have a public rally or open posters on public sidewalks. They are allowed to wear them on as far as I know, or stick them on a pole and carry it, but they cannot set a sign on the sidewalk, especially in front of a post office. Why hasn’t anyone complained to the precinct?


They have shown up once or twice a year at that spot for many years. They are typically very insulting, and in ways that have nothing to do with their stated aims. They also mark up the street with chalk messages.

you all make me laugh

Just a thought…. Maybe they should have tried a community where the majority of the people are A)American Citizens and can legally vote B) know who the president of the United States of America is and C) Actually care about the future of this country…..


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