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Police Searching for Tow Truck Driver Who Shot at Rival on Sunnyside Street Thursday

A tow truck driver remains at large after he shot at a competing tow truck driver on a Sunnyside street Thursday (Photo Google Maps)

Aug. 5, 2022 By Michael Dorgan

A tow truck driver remains at large after he shot at a competing tow truck driver on a Sunnyside street Thursday.

The suspect got into a dispute with his 44-year-old rival outside 47-56 45th St. at around 1:35 p.m. where an accident had taken place, according to police.

The victim, police say, was called to the scene to tow a vehicle from the collision and then got into an argument with the suspect at the location. Sources say they were arguing over who was taking the tow job.

The dispute escalated and the enraged driver then yelled “I got something for you” at the victim.

The suspect then grabbed a gun from his truck and fired off several shots at the victim. The gunshots did not strike anyone, however, one of the bullets smashed through the rear windshield of an unoccupied white SUV that was parked on the street, according to reports.

The alleged shooter then fled the scene, police said.

No injuries were reported, and no arrests have been made.

The owner of the SUV told NBC New York that he considers himself fortunate not to have been struck by the bullet, given he was in the vehicle minutes before the shooting.

“I’m very lucky, very lucky,” he said.

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lucky number 7 train

I’m a native nyc guy, but in Savannah they say the horn is optional when u buy a car. People r nice to each other, race relations r better northerns have lost their way.


These gun crimes are committed with illegal hand guns…Democrats refuse to crack down on criminals and illegal guns because of “mass incarceration” of minorities or whatever phony concept they are pushing so they can virtue signal…Republicans support legal gun ownership for law abiding citizens after they are fingerprinted and have had a background check….so thank you Democrats for coddling criminals and going soft on gun crimes…see how I fixed that for ya!

Yeah, there should have been way more guns involved

The driver WAS carrying, and murdered someone because they were angry. Great solution!


I predict several DSA and left wing progressive elected officials will soon put out statements saying that the whole incident was a misunderstanding and that both the person who shot the gun and the person on the receiving end of the gun fire should work out their issues through conflict resolution. They will also explain that Jail time or any type of serious consequences should be out of the question.

Concerned Citizen

It’s scary that this is how these progressives think. The “slap on the wrist” party for hardened criminals…what gets me is the nice buzz phrase they throw around “restorative justice”


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