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Police Search For Suspects Wanted for Sunnyside Armed Robbery

T-Mobile on Queens Boulevard (Photo: Google Earth)

Jan. 9, 2014 By Christian Murray

The police are searching for two men who walked into the T-Mobile store at 46-01 Queens Blvd with firearms last month and took off with cash.

The police said that the two men entered the store on Thursday, Dec. 19, at about 9:00 pm (just after the store closed) displaying firearms. The alleged perpetrators then ordered the employees to the rear of the store where they were zip-tied.

The suspects then removed cash and electronics and fled. No injuries were reported.

Surveillance video of one of the suspects is attached.

Anyone with information in regards to this incident is asked to call Crime stoppers at 1-800-577-TIPS (8477)

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condaggitt, how do you know which race? There is NO way they can catch these thugs, no way in hell, unless they check video feed.
Why don’t we talk more about how sunnyside is changing, and about dogs that bark and people who play music… yeah sure, that’ll help catch these coward bastards.. A month later this was not even on the news.. except a blurb on cbs news website.. nothing on tv.. what the hell, people?!


To cover up his face but we know which race did it….and maybe he actually finished high school to think that one up.

was that a berqa the second one was wearing?


Maybe u should move to the south side of qns blvd . The 14 recent break ins happened on the north side!


The funny thing is people continue to behave like this is the UES, it is outrageous to pay 1600 for a studio in a neighborhood that could easily match 125 and Lexington when it comes to security issues.
Unfortunately money is changing sunnyside, just because someone pays a high rent doesn’t means he or she is decent or is a good neighbor.
for instance I have a neighbor in the building next door who owns a boxer and leaves the dog to bark the lungs out alone in the apt, there is another who plays salsa the whole weekend, if this is 49 between 43 ave and queens blvd I cannot imagine across queens blvd


Ged rid of pawn shops.
Did you guys see the sign in one of the BARBER shops, I was visiting the japanese grocery store and I saw they posted a big ass sign “We do not buy cellphones or tablets”.. IN THE BARBER SHOP. What the heck? That barber shop is also a watch repair, jewelry store, pawn shop, check casher some sort of place. There is one on same block 50 feet away from it next to bagel store, what is that place? Honestly? I never ever see anyone in there, what kind of fronts are these people running?

Sunnyside is not hip at all, it just looks hip, it is turning into a weird mash of williamsburg and jackson heights.
Someone mentioned this before, why don’t we have our own town hall meetings? Why are all these people who speak out here can’t get the guts to speak out in public when we long time sunnyside residents get together instead of nonsense it is that this site’s comments section, polluted with racism, discrimination and opinions that serve no purpose other than frustrate others.

I say we should start posting papers on light poles “Did you know, T-Mobile store was robbed recently at gun point and thugs are still among us”.. or “Did you know someone recently beat a homeless guy to death, and we still don’t know who did it”, better yet “Hey, fun fact of the day, someone was abducted, tortured and starved for a month, few blocks away from Sunnyside school, until someone found him by coincidence”

Celtic Bark

Having once been assaulted by an armed robber where I worked and not knowing if I’d leave the premises alive, I can certainly feel for those employees. Thank God, all the perps took was money and merchandise.

An above commenter mentioned the horrific Wendy’s massacre in Flushing some years back. I have no doubt some of these employees might have had that nightmarish incident in the back of their minds during their ordeal.

Anonymous 4-Ever

Agreed! Get rid of the pawn shops in the neighborhood. Attract seedy folks. That does look like a burka/burqa that the second person is wearing. That’s great. A jihad burglar. Get rid of them too.


I wouldn’t think they would have too much cash on hand- don’t most of their transactions take place with a cash or credit card? And presumably most of the electronics have traceable serial numbers.


Scary stuff. I hope the employees are ok. Where are those street security cameras that were supposed to be funded a while back? Sunnyside is an up and coming neighborhood and criminals know that. Expect an uptick in robberies. Time to beef up security.


We are just hearing about this? I feel so sorry for the people who work in the store! I remember when Wendy’s employees in Flushing were gunned down about 15 years ago! As for Little Jimmy I saw the photo of his strolling with Melissa Mark Veverito, our new city council president. They might as well have been holding hands. As she hates the police, this does not auger well for our neighborhood. This is a terrifying incident and that is a big store on a busy street.


and one more thing , instead of removing the Halal food cart and fruit stand from underneath the train , remove the pawn shop ….lets see what will bring more derelects to this area food or shops like those.


This is crazy , I been living in Sunnyside since the 70’s and its seems that the past few years its gone downhill. Quality of life doesn’t exist any more , really with all these cellphone stores and to top it off a PAWN shop!
My question is what is District 26 Jimmy Van Bramer doing to make this a safer place? Stop making Sunnyside such a “hip” to live in and make it safe for our children like when we were growing up!


Must be scary for folks who go to the Starbucks late at night. Wouldn’t be surprised if these guys did their prep work sitting in Starbucks.


I was at the laundromat tonight and the owner had the door locked because of the robberies. I thought he told me other laundromats had been broken in to – but I may have misunderstood. He might have been talking about the robberies in the article.


Set up shop by the pawn shop across the street, I am sure the phones will start showing up there soon.
This must have been terrifying for those poor souls who worked in store.
By the way, 99c store has better security than T-Mo who sells $700/piece cell phones.


They must have been waiting for a lull in street traffic, so they probably were waiting in a vehicle close by. Get suveillance vids from other vendors taken at the same time.


to do this on a busy boulevard in a place that’s well lit wearing that get up is really ballsy.

I’m betting this was an inside job. Someone who used to work for T-mobile who knew that the store has NO security , tons of cash that needs to be counted every night and no internal alarm system (like a bank has)


@Bernie and this is one of the most expensive places in queens…. sometimes feels like the ghetto


What the hell is wrong with the 108?! Why are you going to bring the community up to speed a month later? You can’t tell me that at 9PM that close to the 46th St station not one person saw a thing. That’s complete BS. 108 needs to start doing their damn jobs correctly.


So we find out about this now? a month later? seems like lot of robberies in Sunnyside, first Chase, now this…Oh and let’s not forget the burglaries… stolen wheels… and all that police presence during the holidays…what else will we find out? was that a berqa the second one was wearing?


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