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Police Search For 3 Men Following Woodside Armed Robbery

Suspects (NYPD)

March 6, 2014 By Christian Murray

The police are searching for three men wanted in connection with an armed robbery in Woodside.

On Tuesday, February 25, 2014 at approximately 6:40 pm, the men allegedly entered Sensational Livery Cab Leasing Services, located at 69-20 48th Avenue, displayed firearms and demanded property from five employees, the police said.

The men, all in their early 20’s, then fled with the victims’ cell phones, cash and approximately $16,000 from the location, according to police.  There were no injuries sustained as a result of this incident.

Anyone with information in regard to this incident is asked to call Crime Stoppers at 1-800-577-TIPS (8477).

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Pathetic sheep, if you want to see a racist, look in the mirror at your own image! I don’t know if you are black or not and could not care less!

pathetic sheep

actually LUVU2, it’s racist of YOU to assume that all future criminals are black….

pathetic sheep

LUVU2, that couldnt be further from the truth. I was raised in the projects and guess what…AM BLACK.

Label me a racist if that makes you feel better about your white guilt, but at least I am not swimming in a river in Egypt…..



“these crimes sure bring out the racists.”

Tosh said it’s not racist if its a fact. So i follow that rule.

Ari Fink

Our jails are being overrun with Anglo Saxon, Scandanavian and Celtic criminals…We need to close our borders and stop the influx of these European criminals..they are abusing the welfare system and increasing the crime rates all over the country!!!

pathetic sheep

Stop and Frisk=the most overrated police tactic in history.

That is not why crime has dropped.

If you want to educate yourselves, watch Freakonomics on Natgeo, it will fill you in as to why crime has dropped.

~10% of the drop is attributed to police tactics.
~20% to longer, stiffer sentences, rise of jail populations.
~10% to the drop in crack use
~10%-20%, I forget..
~40%-Roe V Wade. The drops in crime come from less unwanted children being born, with little, to no direction/education. States that allowed for abortion in the few years b4 RVW saw drops in crime earlier than the rest of the country.

Just look @ the #’s, what % of actual stops resulted in violent criminals, guns being taken off of the streets? The % is incredibly low.



Celtic Bark


Thanks for the sarcasm.

With the police we have now, one can’t assume they will follow even the most obvious clues.


Newsflash: violent crime increasing and fewer guns being seized under Deblasio.

Celtic Bark


True. And imagine all those women who find themselves overpowered by some thug rapist on a dark street late at night, if a few of them could pull out a gun and blast the rapist’s balls off. There’d be a lot less rape.

Craic Dealer

@JaneGrissom: Ugh… its not about race ya silly goose. Hear me out; Its about lethal advantage. The reason why people (in general) rob places with guns is because they take advantage of people who are stupid enough to lay down their sidearm.

If the owner was able to respond with a .45 round the situation would be different and the culture would be more respectful. A carrying town is a polite town.


Accoprding to a piece in NYMag this week:

Through the beginning of March, murders, rapes, shootings, robberies, burglaries, and grand larceny are all down from last year’s historic lows, despite the drop in stop-and-frisks and the presence of a commie mayor. (Assaults and car thefts are up a bit.) In all, serious crime is down more than two percent and while, sure, it’s been freezing and the sample size is tiny, the motorcycle gangs appear to be laying low.

Although I’ve noticed an increase of idiotic remarks about stop and frisk.

South Side Johnny

Craic: They’re not illegal in NYC but controlled. There are also states, like Virginia, where handguns aren’t controled very well. People can easily obtain guns there and then just drive to NYC and sell them on the black market to people who like to commit armed robbery.

If you want to ignore the success we have in driving down homicides and murders and act shocked that these thugs had firearms, fine. I’m sure there’s someone who finds you amusing. But really, you’re not even trying.


Jimmy Van Bramer and Mayor Big Bird don’t like stop and frisk: now look at the result!


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