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Police Raid Sunnyside Gardens House–Find Firearms, Marijuana Plants and Crack

March 19, By Christian Murray

A Sunnyside Gardens man was arrested on Tuesday for the criminal possession of a cache of firearms and drugs.

The police searched the premises of Daniel Tone, 42, at 39-14 44th Street, at 5 am March 19, as part of an ongoing investigation.

The cops uncovered 4 loaded firms; 3 imitation pistols; 169 rounds of ammunition; $3,124 in cash; seven marijuana plants; approximately 17.5 grams of crack; 136 Hydromorphone pills and 48 Xanax pills.

Tone was charge with the following:

Criminal Possession of a Weapon, loaded firearm (4 counts)

Criminal Possession of a Weapon, ammunition clip(4 counts)

Violation of Local Law (3 counts)

Criminal Possession of Controlled Substance (3 counts)

Criminal Sale of Controlled Substance  (1 count)

Unlawful Possession of a Marijuana (9 counts)


Seized Firearms:

.44 Ruger Revolver

.357 Taurus Magnum Revolver (defaced)

.9 mm Glock 17 Semi-Automatic (defaced)

.22 High Standard Semi-Automatic


Seized Imitation Firearms:

AR-15 Assault Rifle

9 mm Uzi

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I knew this asshole and hung out with him many years ago… He’s NO “HERO” nor anyone to be respected. He’s white (Romanian) and comes from privileged well-to-do parents, who are doctors in Staten Island. He’s very spoiled & arrogant & College Educated Shockingly! Sunnyside Gardens houses is not the problem, it just had the misfortune of having a dumb jackass resident-plain and simple! Hate to hear people use this incident to justify & drive out poor or those less than fortunate folks from Sunnyside or anywhere in NYC and beyond! Yuppies, developers, etc. always use this kind of shit to displace the vulnerable out! As for the comments stating the 108th police didn’t do it’s job… Bullshit! They caught this white trash scum! Had his skin been of a darker complexion, I’m sure the response here who be very different! Then again, at one point John Gotti was
also considered a “Hero” in some NYC circles…


that military rifle is an imitation? it even has a silencer on it! looks like this guy was going to war!

Concerned Hipster

I used to live in Bed-Stuy and I moved here because I heard the drugs were cheaper. WHERE AM I GOING TO GET ALL MY DRUGS FROM??!!! WHERE?? SOMEONE HELP. ALSO ANYONE THINK THAT BLISS ST. STATION SHOULD RUN KARAOKE 7 NIGHTS A WEEK??? I like to sing Billy Joel songs ironically when I’m high. ALSO WHERE IS THE NEAREST TRILBY HAT STORE???


@Cash Munnee

Fine, I’ll grant you the guns (regardless of NYC laws). Pretty sure crack isn’t constitutionally protected.


Police do not come in full force because somebody violated an order of protection probably a user snitched on him


@ Sunnyside Life

If Van Bramer has done things proactively to fix the 7 train issues I am not aware… and he is doing a poor job because in the 18 years i have lived in Sunnyside it’s never been as bad as it has been in the last couple of years. Perhaps this is due to the extension to the west side project but I doubt it, since the train seems fine at other times of day, only the AM rush hour towards Manhattan is really bad.


@ Anonymous

I know there are only 3 tracks for the 7, i was suggesting having the express trains be able to cross over to the local track after 40th st so they can stop at 33rd St. They do it 1 stop up anyway to get into Queens Plaza. Just back it up a little and have them do it at 33rd St.

ca$h munnee

last i read the bill of rights, it is your right to bear arms. give this man back what is rightfully his. this is America isnt it?



The internet can confirm that:

“X” as a term used for Ecstasy or MDMA


Xanax/Alprazolam is a prescription medicine to treat anxiety.

If you’re going to be a know-it-all, know it all.

I’m very glad all of these illegally possessed guns are out of the wrong hands.

tent city

Looks like they found him because he violated an order of protection dating back to Aug 2012 – either that or they got him on the weapons/drugs and discovered some old outstanding warrants?

PL 240.26 01 Violation, 1 count, Not an arrest charge, Arraignment charge
Description Harassment 2nd- Phy Contact

PL 215.51 0B
**TOP CHARGE** E Felony, 1 count, Arrest charge, Arraignment charge
Description Crim Cont-1st:order/protection

PL 121.11 0A A Misdemeanor, 1 count, Not an arrest charge, Arr

Clearly, he has only been arrested, not convicted. So he’ll probably be back in the neighborhood soon until his case makes its way through the system. Innocent until proven guilty.

Tequilla Mockingbird

A long term Sunnyside caucasian resident and property owner in his 40s hiding guns and drugs in his landmarked Sunnyside Gardens home.
It is serious stuff indeed.

Are we sure he is not a minority youth living on the south side or a transient gay hipster?

Because that is who a lot of reactionary bigots here tend to blame all the time for whatever happens in our neighborhood.

Sunnyside is Blooming

Hey enough negativity. Guns and drugs are bad. Flowers and trees are good. My organization has several events planned this year to help make this a nicer place to live unlike the guy with the guns. Check out


i think this is the street where the most beautiful girls of NY live. i also remember seeing a couple of white rabbits around and some good music coming from the garden houses. cool neighbourhood.

Concerned Neighbor

Are there any neighbors on here who know this guy or the story behind this? Scary stuff.


I recall a couple of fearless people stating that there was more than pot smoking going on in the Gardens: note the use of X. Can I say, “I told you so?”


@ Sunnyside
The 7 line only has 3 tracks – 33 St has only 1 platform for each direction – if an express train gets on a local track after Woodside it will be stuck behind all local trains, it may as well open the doors as it passes the other stops. there is nowhere for an express train to stop @ 33 St.

Native NYer

A few pot plants aren’t really the issue, the weapons are serious stuff, especially in NYC. He should be put away for a long time for that stuff. Per blockshooper, he’s been the owner of that house since 2007.

To Craicdealer: I think he is the guy posted in the linked in profile.

Concern X-Sunnysider

Nobody has comment that this man’s house is a block away from parks and schools. That famillies are surrounded by this Bull.

Sunnyside Gardens Neighbor

@ Sunnyside Life. This post is not about Jimmy Van Bramer, but about what we can do to keep thugs out of our neighborhood and out of NYC in general for that matter. Jimmy has done some good things, but he still needs to step up to the plate. Also do you really think City Council can do anything about the MTA? Really? When they call meetings it’s just to pull your chain and make you think they are doing something. The MTA’s capital projects are costing billions of dollars and will get done. Jimmy knows this and knows he can’t do anything, but he wants your vote so he makes you believe he is on it. The Steinway tunnel and 7 train was a mess before the improvements.

Sunnyside Life

This comment is for Sunnysider.

I’ve lived in this neighborhood for over 50 years now. I’ve seen politicans come and go. Since Van Bramer came in to town he has been the only one that has proactively done anything to fix the 7 train issues. That guy Goia kept his mouth shut and was no where to be found back in the day. Other politicians, I don’t want to name any names (Nolan, Gianaris and Congressman Crowley), but they do the same and are only around during an election year. Get this, it is an election year now for them and they still ain’t doing jack to get the MTA to do right by us. In my book, and all my neighbors feel the same way, Jimmy Van Bramer is the real deal. This community has come a long way in the last several years and Van Bramer has been one of the main reasons for all the good that is happening.

Craic Dealer

When people OD on prescription drugs its a tragedy and nothing happens. But people get busted for weed. Doctors ARE drug dealers. They’re LEGAL drug dealers. In the end Dan Tone was snuffed out of the competition.

Dawn O'Day

Thank God the man is in jail. I hope he stays there for a long time and moves far away when he gets out.


As for the 7 train comment, I couldn’t agree more. The 7 train is a complete disaster in the morning at the local stops in Sunnyside. It’s gotten where you can’t get on due to over crowding so you have to go backwards to 74th St and get the E or F train to manhattan. That can easily add 30 to 60 minutes onto a commute. Here’s a easy solution… make 33rd St a local and Express stop rather than just a local stop. All the Aviation High School kids depart the train here and are the ones who crowd the doors so the people gettign on in Sunnyside get screwed. These kids generally board the local train at Express stops further east in Queens. So make 33rd an express stop also and that could alleviate the overcrowding on local trains.

What is our local gov’t official Jimmy Van Bramer doing about it? Nothing that I can see. May be time to get some new blood in the office that will actually make some things better rather than pursuing pet projects.


The comments by some here are completely riduculous, I assume they are mostly the wanna be little fake gangster kids smoking pot in the playgrounds at night. For the most part Sunnyside is a good neighborhood and the Gardens are generally ok. Yes, there are robberies but that is true of anywhere in NYC. The real residents don’t WANT it to be gangster you dopes!!

As for those complaining about rents, what did you expect from a neighborhood so clse to Manhattan?? LIC and Astoria are doing the same so why did you think Sunnyside would be different? if you can’t afford it, live somewhwere you can afford.

As for this guy, from what I know he was a property owner, not a renter. Definitely a shady dude and from what I understand the locals have known he is up to no good for a long time and has shady people in and out at all hours. he keeps all his windows completely sealed so you can’t see in and has cameras all over the place. Glad to see something finally got done about him, it’s been too long. Hopefully the house is foreclosed and sold to a law abiding citizen.


He’s no hero and anyone who praises him should be ashamed. He’s a drug dealer and I’m glad he got caught. Sure 2 firearms were fake, but majority of them were real loaded guns. I too wonder if he rented or actually owned that house.


I am glad this guy was caught and I hope they catch more like him. Was he a renter or did he own the property? I wonder what his “credit report” showed. I am also glad when they catch the spoiled brat pot smokers. They area doing more than pot. Note: the guy was selling X also.


WTF??? Anyone know this guy? What kind of name is Tone? Thought that was just a knob on my stereo.


It’s exhilarating to see that our overpriced Business Improvement District is attracting new entrepreneurs.

Adam Elend

7 marijuana plants, 17 grams of coke and 48 pills do not make one a drug dealer. The idiots who are “glad this guy’s off the streets” are as off base as those who think he’s a badass. Sure, maybe there’s some vast conspiracy we don’t know about, but the information in this article shows a dude with a fake AK 47 who IS going to go to jail because he made some really bad firearms choices in a city that absolutely prohibits them.


I love the comments that the police in the 108 don’t do enough… “we don’t see them patroling” let’s go back to a year ago when the city was up in arms about stop, question and frisk. Now, cops are being hands off (bc the city asked them too) and shockingly crime has risen. What exactly do you want here people? Hands on or hands off?

Also, where do you think these guys got their Intel on this Tone savage? Maybe arresting some kids smoking weed or people loitering on their stoops… you’d be surprised the beans people will spill when they get arrested, especially for low level nonsense.

I’m glad this guy was caught. It was heads up Intel and solid police work. Get this ghettoness out of our community.


I have to agree “there’s nothing gangsta about Sunnyside” these punks running around screwing with our neighborhood would be eaten as a snack if you throw them in the Bronx or parts of Brooklyn! I’m glad he’s caught! Time to clean the neighborhood back up!


I have been saying for quite some time how shitty Sunnyside is. I became vocal when the powers that be attempted to change this shitty neighborhood into some new and trendy place to live. I became even more vocal when idiot hipsters actually listened and paid the ridiculous high rents to live here. Now what do you have?

A bunch of pretentious idiots who are only in Sunnyside to raise the value of their property, crime is up, It’s impossible to take the 7 train in the morning , Schools are over crowded and a ton of stores have closed up shop.

Now what to the north side ignants have to say? the ones desperately trying to live in their own little oasis, refusing to see what they have helped create…

Paul Maringelli

These comments are “Nuts” – Daniel Tone had a huge stash of weapons and lots of hard drugs and people are writing that he’s a “hero” – or that he has it to defend himself from the break-ins. Then one dope complains that “nothing’s gangster about Sunnyside” What, is he crazy? Does he want street gangs here? Doesn’t he know that the Italian “Mafia,” Irish “Westies,” Turkish “Grey Wolves,” and Albanian “Shqiptare” keep most of the street thugs out of Sunnyside.


Wow! I would’ve never guessed. But this is still a good neighborhood. I’m proud of being from here. Let’s all do our part and keep it safe and clean. Regarding the latter, how hard is it to pick up after your dog? Please have some consideration. It brings down the quality of living. You don’t want to live in a dirty neighborhood, do you?


Wow! I would’ve never guessed. But this is still a good neighborhood. I’m proud of being from here. Let’s all do our part and keep it safe and clean. Regarding the latter, how hard is it to pick up after you dog? Please have some consideration. It brings down the quality of living. You don’t want to live in a dirty neighborhood, do you?


Check out the comments above and you can easily see what Sunnyside has turned into. Either all sensible people just stopped posting, or not much of them left.
I am glad he was caught, sadly he won’t do a lot of time that’s for sure, unless they can tie him to some terrorists. He will be back selling dope on the same corner soon.

Greg ritzgherold

What do you expect it Is sunnyside gardens, the “housing for the poor” all of the people left there can not afford the taxes anymore so they turn to drugs, thank god for the yuppies cleaning up sunnyside


There is NOTHING gangster about Sunnyside…NOTHING! A lot of nosey a$$es and fake wannabe thugs.


I see a lot of dumb bells in this area think this guy is cool. So, there is part of the problem. Glad they got this tool out of our area.


Hey can you blame a guy for having a bunch a weapons. Especially that there have been numerous break ins. The 108 doesn’t do anything only catering to LIC and harassing young kids smoking pot and loitering in front of their own stoops.


What kind of people do we allow in this neighborhood these days?! I am stunned by what I have read and the new people here, in my opinion, are what led Sunnyside, Queens to be disovered to the public, thus leading criminals and bad people to come and cause havoc.


rising crime.
the 108th doing nothing about it.
can you blame a guy for going all charlie bronson?

this dude is easily one of the cooler residents of the 11104.

shlomo von springsteen

i hope that was how this guys coffee table was set up. thats how id do it, weapons on the left, cash fanned out on the right edge. Yeah man

6ft Peanut Butter Elvis

cool, glad to see there’s still some badazz left in Queens. This guy ain’t no monocle wearing script writin’ hipsta! no, no… this mans…. this mans my new idol. *sniff*


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