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Police looking for two men who allegedly stole purse from Woodside laundromat

Suspects (NYPD)

May 25, 2017 Staff Report

The police released video yesterday of two men who allegedly stole a woman’s purse from a Woodside laundromat in March.

The men allegedly took the woman’s purse that was hanging on a doorknob inside 55 Laundromat, located at 55-02 Roosevelt Avenue, on Monday, March 20, at around 7:15 pm. The victim’s purse contained a wallet, $150, ID, bank cards and keys.

One of the suspects was last seen wearing a hooded sweatshirt with white stripes, while the other a black hooded sweatshirt and glasses.

Anyone with information is asked to call the Crime Stoppers Hotline at 1-800-577-TIPS (8477)


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Given how late this is coming out, I’d say it’s more like the police are “allegedly” looking for them.


They need to do what those vile terrorists do. Take thief and slice hand off in front of public square.


Woodside was ruined when the drug cartels came to queens. The freedom flotilla that came from Cuba was another disaster for America. It’s all over. The place is ruined. How familiar have these stories become . It’s no joke and I’m not trying to insult any group of people. But, the stories are practically identical week by week


“I’m not a racist but…(insert every single possible racist type assertion here)”


Landlord – The fact we are discussing just a purse lifting and not an asault, armed robbery or other violent incident speaks volumes about crime in Woodside.


Actually, Cuban migration has been the most successful amongst Latinos and they have positively contributed to the Tri-State area along with South Florida. If you are talking about the Mariel boat lift, where Castro emptied his jails, then sure some bad apples came. Many immigration groups have brought over waves of crime, Italians and Irish included.


I still see women being stupid when it comes to their personal belongings in Sunnyside and Woodside. They STILL leave their purses in the top part of the shopping carts and walk halfway down the aisle for God knows what like they live next door to Beaver Cleaver!!!


Anonymous- Dangerous?? The bag was left hanging not beaten from victim. Get a grip..


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