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Police Called Out to Sunnyside Brawl

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Aug. 28, 2010 By Christian Murray

A late-night brawl erupted at Casa Romana this morning with the fight spilling out onto the street, a police source said.

Several police cars and FDNY ambulances arrived at the bar/restaurant located on the corner of 39th Street and Queens Blvd.

While the details are still unknown, one witness said several arrests were made and even the nearby subway train at 40th street was stopped and searched. A police helicopter was hovering with spotlights flashing.

The investigation is ongoing and more details will be released shortly.

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For the guy above me ^^^^^ yuhr 100 % WRONGG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
i Wuss There there wuss no parents nd the club wussent who threw the partii it wuss the DJs


Ugh!!!!!……… SO many rumors for nothing ………

The restaurant had a going back to school party I was there……..

There were parents inside when the incident occured and no one was seriously injured.

The incidents happened outside when they closed its doors……

No one was killed or seriously injured and no alcohol was being served at or in the event…..

They do need to stop having these types of parties with young crowds because it brings problems to the location and the restaurant itself……

But the event was bad because of the people in it not because of the location itself but there wer no serious injuries from the event that happened


The solution is very simple – close down the place and the Sunnyside will become sunny again


i find this to be b.s ,people want this to be swept under the rug, how come it wasnt on the news? how come no one wants to speak about it but im not afraid to take a stand if i find out nothing is going to happen about this im gonna take it straight to the press, since sunnyside has so many yuppies moving in they wanna pretend everythings ok but its not wat happen that night was terrible!!!!!!


I was In The party And we were all dancing Then this guy came out and said party over a fight gang realtion in the back of the club broke out and it started with girls fighting each other gangs then people started throwing signs and gang words -then one of the LATIN KINGS broke the window and stabbed the guy he was on the floor bleeding and knowone cared to help -then i was in the club alot left but i was in there and they said we couldnt leave-) The we saw security guards with blood on their hands because they had to help the man and a couple of people were bleeding but after the party we got a call saying the guy got stabbed Died It was said 🙁 R.I.P


I heard the helicopter circling very low for about 10 min and then decided to go downstairs and see what was going on… All of Queens Blvd was closed off and there were dozens of people leaning over the side of the stopped 7 train on platform trying to get a good look at the 20-25 police cars, ambulances, fire trucks and the 100 or so locals; young and old, wearing club clothes, work uniforms or pajamas. Evidently a bunch of teens got extremely drunk and fought outside the Casa Romana restaurant right on Queens Blvd. Four kids were stabbed and about seven were arrested. At least one of the seven guys tried to car-jack an older woman waiting in her car and then, like the rest, ran up onto the 7 train platform. The police searched and cuffed them and people in the neighborhood calmly (and with bemusement) watched on. No news crews were there so I imagine it wont make any papers this weekend.

anon neighbor

The same thing happened about 4-6 weeks ago at the same place. My wife and I were eating at Pete’s around 2-ish am on a weekend night when a brawl broke out. It appeared to be a bunch on Mexican kids against a bunch of LI or Jersey kids. One of the white kids got hurt pretty bad and was hauled away in an ambulance. The Casa Romano used to be a restaurant but since it was converted to a club it’s become a magnet for this kind of idiocy.


there was a huge fight and a couple of people were stabbed, i heard there were 2 deaths but im not sure, all i know is when i looked out my window i saw a bloody young man who got stabbed on the floor and while he was gasping for breath people were stomping on him


Thanks, Sunnyside Post. I’m so glad you’re on the case.

I was wondering what on earth was going on. It sounded like a mob of people — not just a few. Everyone was screaming, it sounded like things were being knocked over — total mayhem. I would have gone outside to investigate but I didn’t want to walk into an angry crowd.

I heard sirens, and then that helicopter started circling. Why would they send in a helicopter? I couldn’t tell if they were trying to just disperse a mob, or if it was a riot. It kind of sounded like the latter.

Looking forward to reading more details soon.


Thanks for the report. I heard the helicopter and noticed a Tweet from @511ny7 that there was police activity. I wondered what was going on.


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