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Police Arrest Drunk-Driver for Hit-Run

July 20, 2012 By Christian Murray

The police have arrested the man who struck and killed a Sunnyside bicyclist on Wednesday night before fleeing the scene.

The cops made the arrest after discovering that a drunk driver they nabbed later that evening was responsible for the death of the bicyclist.

The police arrested Alex Batista, a 25-year-old from Long Island City, after finding him lying drunk on the road next to his car, authorities said yesterday. According to reports, Batista had driven his car into a building in Maspeth and had passed out when the police found him.

Police allege that Batista struck down and killed cyclist Roger Hernandez, 37, on Greenpoint Ave, near 39th Place, and then left the scene.

Batista has been charged with DWI, vehicular manslaughter, leaving the scene of an accident resulting in death and marijuana possession.

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so many people in this neighborhood either drive like lunatics or morons. speeding is out of control and disregard for clear-cut traffic signs and traffic laws is rampant. i’ve seen more traffic accidents or near-accidents here than any other neighborhood i’ve lived in in the city. are they all drunk or just completely horrendous?

at least once a month i witness someone nonchalantly driving the WRONG way down Skillman Ave which is clearly marked as a one-way street. aside from the signage, if all cars are parked in the same direction you would think that would be a clear indicator of which way you should be going.

i’m so sorry for this person’s family and for those of the man who lost his life on Greenpoint (pedestrian) just 2 months ago in May.


the driver was probably an illegal alien, no drivers license and car registered to someone else with no insurance!

every morning early I see bike riders on QB in dark clothes, no lights or reflectors, no helmets, with their ipods blaring totally oblivious to the auto traffic only thinking that they are riding inside some park — it is ALWAYS a accident waiting to happen

As for the drunk drivers how about the police patrolling the area @ the time bars close???? Drunk Drivers stumble to their cars it should be obvious to a trained eye!

To Anonoymous – sorry for your loss


There have been three persons slain simply by intoxicated individuals with Greenpoint Ave. (two individuals, 1 pedestrian) considering that Dec. It’s moment for the police to begin setting up haphazard intoxicated car owner checkpoints inside neighborhood.

Paddy D

It’s true that the bikes usually don’t have any safety equipment, but it’s still stupid to drive drunk. When I have cocktails, which is every day, I call Pronto.


I live 1/2 a block away and let me tell you I am surprised more don’t get killed

The stupid bike riders NEVER have on any reflectors lights and always wear BLACK clothes….and on a black bike……

Stupid Stupid Stupid….dont you remember as a kid we had Bright red or orange and bikes were sold with reflective fenders or in the spokes ….and lights even a horn as standard equipment

Safety was very important but not today….

And the 3 color ski parka jackets, and our parents even made us put 2 strips of reflective tape on our jackets….

whats the matter with bike riders today??



It would happen in Britain, but on the other side of the road.


There have been three people killed by drunk drivers on Greenpoint Ave. (two cyclists, one pedestrian) since December. It’s time for the police to start setting up random drunk driver checkpoints in the neighborhood.


This was my family. Just got to visit him last week. Such a wonderful uncle…and the best tour guide for my first visit to New York just 2 weeks ago….the man who killed him should also be put to death. Our family lost a good man. An innocent man…a man who loved helping others and children. Drunk drivers….you all disgust me!!!


Justice for the victim and his family. Another drunk driver with pot – and please don’t tell me how harmless it is.


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