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Police Arrest Bronx Man Who Assaulted Woodside Senior Who Was Walking to Church

The suspect and 43-14 60th St. (NYPD and Google Maps)

Sept. 22, 2020 By Christian Murray

The police have arrested a Bronx man who allegedly attacked and robbed a feisty 84-year-old man who was walking to St. Sebastian’s church in Woodside last month.

Angel Cruz, 46, was arrested for attacking the victim in front of 43-14 60th St. at around 7:45 a.m. on Sunday, Aug. 2. He approached the Woodside senior citizen from behind and tried to steal his wallet from his pants pocket, according to police.

The senior, who was identified as Oliver Neligan by Pix11 News, told the TV outlet that he fought back and threw a cup of coffee at the attacker to fend him off.

“Then he grabbed me and I kind of wrestled with him, and we went down,” Neligan said, who was able to rip off Cruz’ face mask.

Neligan’s head hit a wall as he fell to the ground. He suffered a bump on his head, a cut on his elbow and bruised ribs, the outlet reported. He was not seriously injured.

The thief fled the scene with Neligan’s eyeglasses, police said. The suspect did not get his wallet.

Police released video footage of the suspect the following week.

Cruz was busted after police were able to match a sample of Cruz’ DNA from the mask taken from the scene of the crime, according to PIX11 News.

He was arrested Sept. 14 on 3 counts of robbery, assault and grand larceny, according to police.

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Sunnyside keep on voting for AOC and other clowns. Can’t believe people fell for AOC- pathetic. Same people that voted for debozo twice. ugh.

Vlad from Ukraine that definitely doesn't know Mistar Trump

Just because they say Putin directly ordered the Russian government to interfere in the election to sow political and social discord in the United States doesn’t make it true!


AOC, Sanders and Co are the american extension of Maduro and Raul Castro. Trump might not be good, but these characters are bad news too, but people don’t see it or don’t want to.
I personally don’t understand that desperate need to have a leader or support someone despite what they can do. I used to like Bloomberg, then he did a few things I didn’t like and criticized him, but people these days go blind with people like AOC or Trump, no matter what they do or say.
That’s the way it is these days, sadly.


Although this attack happened in broad daylight my 80 year old mother is afraid to walk anywhere in Sunnyside after dark. Special thanks to little Jimmy and his defund the police rhetoric. Pretty ironic how Jimmy always seems to take his mom to places like Belle Harbor and botanical gardens on Long Island. Sure thing that Mr bike lanes isn’t taking the Q53 bus to Rockaway or the LIRR to the island. Is it just a coincidence that there aren’t too many people of color at these spots? Just curious

Why does the Radical Right want everything to be PC?

Why are you making this story about your identity politics?

DeBlasio called. He wants his brain back

Then tell him to get a job! Not rob an elderly man on his way to church!


Thank you NYPD. Perps from Uptown the Bronx and Brooklyn seem to Target Queens. The guys who broke into Bar43 last year and the guys who robbed the senior citizen at Chase Bank fit this pattern.

Cause we have lovely neighborhoods like sunnyside gardens.

Since they can’t afford nice things, no one should have anything nice!!!

Gardens Watcher

Afford?? They don’t earn their money — they steal it from others.

Glad they arrested this punk, and love that the mask played a role. Hope Mr. Neligan is doing ok.


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