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Police Arrest 19-Year-Old Woodside Houses Resident in Stray-Bullet Killing of Gudelia Vallinas

Gudelia Vallinas (Facebook)

April 1, 2021 By Christian Murray

A 19-year-old Woodside Houses resident has been arrested and charged with murder for the stray-bullet killing of 37-year-old mother-of-two earlier this month.

Dajuan Williams, of 50-15 Broadway, allegedly killed Gudelia Vallinas, while she walking near the corner of 48th Street and Broadway at around 8:30 p.m. on March 12.

Vallinas was out doing errands at Walgreens pharmacy at the time, near where she lived.

She was fatally shot when she got caught between Williams and another man who had an apparent altercation at the Woodside Houses NYCHA development.

The incident spilled out on the street, and Williams allegedly fired several shots down Broadway.

One bullet struck Vallinas in the head, police said.

Vallinas, who was from Mexico, was the mother to an 11-year-old son and 9-year-old daughter.

There have been several shootings in and around Woodside Houses in the past month.

Residents held a rally March 25 calling for justice for Gudelia Vallinas (Photo: Michael Dorgan, Queens Post)

On Tuesday, March 23, Elliot Clairborn, 29, was gunned down on 49th Street and later died. A day later, a 32-year-old man was shot in the back outside the complex on 49th Street near 31st Avenue. He is expected to survive.

There have been a number of rallies in the past week calling for an end to gun violence and for justice for Vallinas.

Last week Queens Borough President Donovan Richards and other elected officials held a rally, while on Sunday residents marched to the 114th Precinct calling for justice.

Several people held signs with the words “Justice for Gudelia Vallinas” at a rally March 25 (Photo: Michael Dorgan, Queens Post)

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We have a Mayor who closed most of the jails and let the criminals commit crimes.


The Mayor didn’t close the jails, the state legislature let everyone out of the jails.


Life with no parole.
That’s the only way to make our City safe. And for those who disagree, go and tell the family of Mrs. Vallinas why this thug deserves a second chance, the one Mrs Vallinas won’t have.


I grew up a block from the location of this brutal shooting. There were some problems in the 70’s as with the rest of the City but was remedied by Mayors Giuliani and Bloomberg who were tougher on crime. Under DeBlasio administration and with the anti police rhetoruc, defunding of the police , bail reform etc etc we are going back to the Wild West of the 70’s. The thugs are emboldened because they think nothing will happen to them. It is a shame what is happening to the neighborhood, which has been vibrant and diverse. May God be with the family to comfort them. For two young children to lose their mother like this is disgusting. Lawmakers do your job and citizens, remember this incident next election day.


May she rest in peace. But so many other victims of gun violence and crime in our community go nameless and without publicity because they do not appeal to the media. All victims are someone’s family member and those who tweet about helping the suspects and murders with more tax payer programs during an incident like this should be ashamed of themselves. There is a time and place for everything.


I wonder how much of the stimulus money that was and is being sent out to people was/is being used to buy guns and drugs in these communities. Something we all should think about.


You should NOTE the Housing projects this took place by. You should follow up with the criminal activity that has increased in Astoria /Woodside. You should note why there are not more cops patrolling areas like this on foot ….They all don’t because they flaw reports and are not in touch with the community . And all the gentrifiers, a reminder. The community and neighborhood was proper and getting better, before the influx of you all and poisoning the mindset of others in the city. If it weren’t for the cops( over the last 28 years), cleaning up neighborhoods all over the city there’d be no gentrifiers but you all as a whole demonize all the cops. And have younger jump on your coattails to make your claims relevant. But nah, go back your $2k+ rent or 1 mil condos saying you’re part of the community …

Wardens say prisons are being used as psyche wards

Natalie – The national crime wave of the 70’s thru 90’s was projected as was the crime drop that followed. The primary crime committing demographic aged itself out. Look it up.


“And all the gentrifiers, a reminder. The community and neighborhood was proper and getting better, before the influx of you all and poisoning the mindset of others in the city. If it weren’t for the cops( over the last 28 years), cleaning up neighborhoods all over the city there’d be no gentrifiers but you all as a whole demonize all the cops.”



Justice for this poor woman and Justice for Breonna Taylor. Two innocent women that lost their lives for no reason at the hands of ruthless thugs!!!

Apples and oranges

Your conflating two very different incidents. Your doing it for agenda not justice. Shame on you.

NYCHA. Nothing new here.

I’m so sorry for her and her family but this is what NYCHA is about. Stop wanting people to arm themselves and start getting the guns off the streets (and in homes).

Defund jimmy

Well done nypd. DA better get the job done. No judge should give bail.

Calling this a stray bullet suggests some kind of accident. Unlikely this was a legally owned weapon, more unlikely it was legally discharged. There is no mitigation for this dispicable incident.

The family is still without their mom. That will never change. Let justice be served.

Legal aid is a joke

On his way to a great career as a criminal
I hope they throw the hook at him but I’m sure his legal aid attorney will cry on cue

RIP Senora Vallinas

Non political signs show what these people want -Safer streets! More cops and bring back Broken windows policing. None of this social worker or violence interrupter nonsense will work. These people fled their countries because of a lack of protection.

The liberals have prefabricated signs for more gun reform in a state with strict gun laws already and in their rallies they have non residents yelling for defunding the police. Ask these residents if they want to defund the police instead of thinking for them.

Mas policia en la Calle ahora!

Why do liberals hate the USA?

19 years old? Old to start his criminal career. DeBlsio will probably give him Mets tickets and Cuomo can give him an autographed copy of his book.


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