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Play Spaces, Greenery, and More Unveiled in $1.8 Million Big Bush Park Renovations

Big Bush Park (Daniel Avila/NYC Parks)

July 17, 2018 by Nathaly Pesantez

Major renovations to portions of Woodside’s Big Bush Park were unveiled today in a ribbon cutting ceremony with city officials and local representatives.

The Parks Dept. has revamped the park’s north end to make way for children’s activities and passive recreation. Children’s play areas and a spray shower have been installed in this section and new seating has also been added.

Meanwhile, at the southern end, a green, permeable surface area has been added.

via NYC Parks

The Parks Dept. has also added a plaza by 61st Street, which leads directly to the play space for kids ages 2 to 5 and 5 to 12. That space includes game tables and a new swing set, along with a central spray shower area.

New fitness equipment for adults, along with a seating area, are also part of the upgrades.

The park has also been outfitted with new accessible ramps, trees and shrubs for shading, and LED luminaries for improved lighting.

The total cost of the renovations, which began last year and were completed in May, is $1.8 million, with Queens Borough President Melinda Katz allocating $1 million for the project and Council Member Jimmy Van Bramer allocating $800,000 for it.

“Designs for this project were in no small part due to input from the engaged community, and serves as a perfect example of how residents can have a significant impact in beautifying our neighborhoods,” Katz said in a statement.

Big Bush Park (Daniel Avila/NYC Parks)

NYC Parks said the neighboring community was “actively involved” in the project, and is now home to handball courts, two baseball fields, basketball courts, a play area, and a comfort station.

“I’m thrilled the $1.8 million renovation brings exciting new amenities for the first time in decades,” Van Bramer said in a statement. “I’m proud that this project that will bring new swings and game tables for kids, drinking fountains for all to stay hydrated, and exercise equipment and smoother running surfaces to stay fit. This park is now something that all of Woodside can be proud of!”

Big Bush Park (Daniel Avila/NYC Parks)

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Adults will be working out within feet of children’s play area and sprinklers makes no sense and is a predators delight. Don’t take your eyes off your kids.


They need go fix the disgrace at the park in 43rd and greenpoint.

I never see a ranger or anyone official there. There are more drunks, adults without kids, and kids smoking pot at this park.

Whoever Noonan family is they should request his name be removed from this park.


Don’t worry, a green, permeable surface area will be added to that park soon so the hobo can wrestle without getting bruised

garden watcher

great news. I think the community will benefit grately. Three cheers for the new park!


What happened to the Woodside Plaza Memorial Park on 60th street on Woodside Avenue??? This park has been taken over by homeless drunks. It has now become a place for violence! As you already know, A homeless man was killed last week by another homeless man, who were supposedly friends. No one seems to care about this! Its a dam shame to see this happening and nothing being down. I for one, love to sit, have a cup of coffee and chat with our long time residents. However, its just not safe.

J murphy

How dare you! Your not suggesting that the homeless shelters on Queens Blvd are to blame for a rise in crime or a deterioration of the quality of life! The recent illegal (err1 immigrants) pour millions into this community! Why just look at the amount of trash generated by them…..doesn’t that equate into overtime for a sanitation workers? What about all the revenue they generate for the police and courts? Let’s not forget the free lunches and school buses…that’s worth millions!

Jimmy Van Dreamer

@J.Murphy…Bravo Bravo!!!!…The truth at last!!!…Someone with common sense is still in Sunnyside!!!


J murphy, you’re a douche. Please use facts and not your racist, anecdotal blathering.


J Murphy, how right you are! I remember when Woodside Parks were enjoyable by all. Now they have become a “vacation spot” for homeless , drug users, and predators. AND a photo op for JVB! Use the fountains to stay hydrated? DON’T THINK SO! Not after what I have seen how the new fountains are being used! Such a shame!


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