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Pizza Dealz up For Sale: $70,000

Photo: QueensPost

Sept. 5, 2013 By Christian Murray

Pizza Dealz is up for sale and the owner is seeking $70,000 , according to a listing on Craigslist.

The pizzeria, located at 41-10 49th Street,  is being marketed as a turn-key business, since it comes with equipment, signage and a POS system. “The lease is for 10 years. The rent is $1,150 + yearly increases,” according to the ad.

A pizzeria was established at this location at the beginning of 2012, when it was called 99c Fresh Pizza. The name was quickly changed to Pizza Dealz.

The eatery still offers very affordable pizza; however, a slice is no longer 99 cents.

The pizzeria is approx 500ft. It offers mostly delivery and take out business with approximately 6 stools for dine in customers.

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Dublin Ohioer

As a former resident of Dublin, Ohio I would like point out that the local schools there are quite good.

I am also shocked at the mention of Dublin, OH.

Mr. Scoler

Hey Dubliner, please try to use proper English so we understand your attempt at insulting the writer of this article. Do you mean “your friends” as in “yours and mine,” or “you are friends,” implying that the author hasn’t fully disclosed a relationship with the owner of this place?

These words: your and you’re have two entirely different meanings. Surely the Dubs taught you grammar and punctuation! (Or maybe you’re from Dublin, OH?)


There is a really nice cafe across the street from this place. Two sisters that own it are amazing. A real sunnyside gem.

Woody Woodpecker

Pizza Dealz was perfect for the Southside it was cheap and nasty!!!! we on the Northside are used to the Best.


Preschool Teacher

My husband LOVES Sunnyside Pizza but I don’t get the appeal. You are right – sauce is too sweet and I don’t like the sesame seeds. There’s no “great” slice in Sunnyside, but for $10 a pie Pizza Dealz wasn’t bad.

My favorite would prob be Marabella’s if I to pick.

Pete Zaman

Sunnyside pizza-If there’s an oil shortage it’s because of them! My over-heated slice drooped and all the cheesy mess slid off. The crust is not firm. It can not support its toppings!! Crust must support its toppings!!! But no! At Sunnyside Pizza the oily mess that sits on the pie soaks through and gives you a bite of glob. (I’m out of exclamation points.)


Sunnyside Pizza on Queens Blvd is the best! They use fresh ingredients. They do it the way it is supposed to be done. NYC pizza is not what it was back in the day, except at places like this and Rosa’s in Maspeth.

Preschool Teacher

Not surprised. Had a slice from there over the summer. The crust was like raw white bread. Shameful for NYC pizza. And Sunnyside Pizza on 40th St. isn’t much better. Sickeningly sweet sauce! Yuck! And the sesame seeds don’t add anything. Just a gimmick. Lentini’s on 43rd Av. is the best we got.


Never knew it existed! Perhaps that’s why it’s up for sale. The next owner should put some funds aside for advertising and publicity.

South Side Johnny

They’re the same people who buy cheap beer, because they want the buzz and don’t care how they get it.

mileys dirty foam finger

eating is one of the top two pleasures in life… why diminish it by putting the equivelant of heated playdoh in your mouth. get some real pizza with real ingredients, eat real maple syrup from VT or Canada, yeah, and no potatoes from a box, thats not mashed potatoes – i dont understand the “im gonna ea it because its cheap” idea.

'bout time

check out Sunnyside Pizza for primo pizza, why eat this crap becuase its cheap? Have more respect for your body and what you put into it. never stepped into it and never will.

South Side Johnny

You need to sell thousands of slices of .99 pizza to clear your overhead- those places in the city get volume this guy will never get. Besides, .99 pizza is like the stuff you buy at the .99 store- low quality.


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