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Halloween Draw Card: 4,400 Goldfish

Photo: QueensPost

Nov. 1, 2010 Staff Report

Children knew that Pets Unlimited, on 46th street, was the place to be for this Halloween.

Throngs of children were outside the store as they waited for their turn to collect a little plastic bag with water and a goldfish inside.

The store owner Steve De Simone was keeping to tradition by giving away 4,400 goldfish every Halloween between the hours of 8:00 am and 8:00 pm yesterday.

“This store has being doing this for nearly 50 years,” De Simone said. “I know I have being doing it since I came here in 1973.”

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I’m glad I’m not the only one to voice concerns for how the animals are kept at the store on 46th. I witnessed some serious overcrowding in the parakeets’ cages last summer.

Time Flies

It’s great what the store does for the kids on Halloween and a charming neighborhood tradition. I don’t understand why they can’t just give the store a good clean. I’d also like to see them give the parakeets on display some more room to move and a few toys to keep them occupied. That would not only be good for the animals but for business too.


In addition to the store on 43rd, there’s a new pet store/groomer opening on Skillman Ave. And if you absolutely must go to a pet store chain, Petland @ 48th/Northern Blvd is only 5-15 minutes away via car, bike, bus, or walking.

Absolutely no reason to support the puppy mill store.


We never step foot in this disgusting puppy mill, and I gotta say I’m disappointed that Sunnyside Post would give them this publicity, even if its a nice event for the neighborhood. Maybe a look into their practices and research into where the dogs come from would make for an interesting story.

while the prices aren’t as competitive as a big box pet store, at least the Pet store on 43rd Street near Bar 43 only sells toys and supplies, not animals.


The pet store, which sells dogs, cats, birds, and other living creatures, is a bloody disgrace and a disaster waiting to happen. I’m surprised that the ASPCA and/or the Humane Society haven’t taken steps to close it down.

Anton LaVey

After being banged around for an hour or two in trick or treat bags and then taken home to quite likely be dumped into a bowl filled with chlorinated tap water (lethal to goldfish), what’s the likelihood that more than a few dozen of these fish survive into November?


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