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Pet Store Opening on Skillman Ave.

Photo: QueensPost

Nov. 6, 2010 Staff Report

A pet shop is opening at 49-16 Skillman Ave. the location of the former video store.

The store will be selling everything from accessories to puppies.

The store owner is seeking advice/suggestions from the neighborhood via e-mail.

The address given: [email protected]

Photo: QueensPost

email the author: [email protected]


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well greg and sunnyside south as being a owner of two dogs i always clean up after mine and most other dogs owners tell people that dont clean up fater there own dogs to do or people like urself complain and asume that everyone in sunnyside does on clean up after there dogs if u truely want to complain get more trash can put in sunnyside so people will never have a exuse then u two can go on ur rant


Before the opening I spoke with the owner briefly. I raised an eyebrow when he mentioned they would be selling puppies. He said he was not 100% sure on that because he is sensitive to people’s views on the puppy mill problem. He said if he did they would be selected from reputable breeders.

I think it is extremely respectable that he posted his email address for questions and comments, so those of you who are so quick to judge, your time would be better spent contacting him.

Also, btw, the store is open now, and my husband stopped in for cat food. They only sell healthier brands, and the woman working told him how full of crap (I’m paraphrasing) most pet foods are. I wouldn’t think that a store with that kind of concern for pet health would sell puppy mill puppies.


Puppy mills or not, I won’t be patronizing this store if they sell dogs. There are plenty of perfectly good dogs up for adoption in local shelters. It’s a shame because I was excited for it’s opening. I’ll also stick with Superdog Wonder Kitty if they do in fact sell dogs at this new store.


Before slinging accusations around, does anybody here know for a fact that this store will be selling dogs from a “puppy mill” ? From what I understand there are commercial breeders who raise and treat their animals humanely. It’s quite possible this place will be operated decently.


Sunnyside already has one disgusting “pet mill” on 46th Street betweem QB and Greenpoint Avenue. Do we really need another? We should picket both stores with signs for rescue groups that have adorable dogs, cats, rabbits, and other creatures eargerly waiting for adoption.


Puppies! Cute, adorable, 100% puppy mill puppies raised in a pet store! How adorably disgusting. F-You new petstore! I will be shopping elsewhere.


Greg, while I admire your vision, it is hard enough to get many of the dog owners to even pick up after their dog and throw it away in the first place. Many dog owners in Sunnyside don’t care about their neighbors and have no problem letting their dogs leave crap all along the sidewalk. We really need a sanitation crackdown on this lowlife behavior.


We certainly have plenty of dogs already in Sunnyside. While I understand how important pets are to lonely people i wonder how many of them(dogs) are licensed. Dog waste in a plastic bag in a public wastebasket must put an extra strain on the sanitation system. It’s not easy to recycle.I would like to see if all dogs are licensed and possibly an increase in licensing fees to support the extra recycling costs and is it too much to ask for enforcement of laws against those owners of dogs who do not clean up at all. San Francisco has a very successful methane gas generating plant that makes use of dog waste.I kid you not.


New cafe openng up betwwen skillman and 43ave on the side street it thing it is called Irene a small narrow store front

Time's Up

What a shame. I was disheartened to see that video store close.

To have a puppy mill replace it is that much worse.

Soon, when we sufficiently evolve, puppy mills will be a relic of the past. I hope that this place fails miserably.


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