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Pesticide Spraying to Take Place Across Sections of Sunnyside/Woodside Tonight

Aug. 17, 2015 By Christian Murray

Trucks will be spraying a number of western Queens neighborhoods with a pesticide this evening as the Health Dept. aims to deplete the mosquito population to combat West Nile disease.

Spraying will begin at 8:30 pm, August 17, and will continue until 6 am Tuesday morning.

The following sections of western Queens will be sprayed:

1) Long Island City and Sunnyside generally bounded by 47th Avenue on the north; Dutch Kills on the west; Newtown Creek on south; and the Brooklyn-Queens Expressway and 43rd Street on the east.

2) Parts of Astoria and Woodside generally bounded by 20th Avenue and 30th Street on the north; 28th Avenue, 43rd Street and Newtown Road on the west; Broadway and Northern Boulevard on the south; and the Brooklyn-Queens Expressway, 30th Avenue, 78th Street, Astoria Boulevard and 75th Street on the east.

While the Health Department said the pesticide (Anvil® 10+10) used does not pose any significant health risk, it advises residents with respiratory ailments to stay indoors while spraying occurs.

The department said windows should be kept closed; air conditioners may be used, but the vents should be closed to prevent possible indoor exposure to the pesticide.

Any toys, clothes and outdoor equipment should be moved inside prior to spraying; anything left outside while spraying occurs should be thoroughly washed before reuse. People exposed to the pesticide should thoroughly wash their skin with soap and water

Produce grown in backyards should be washed before being consumed or cooked.

For more information, visit the Health Department’s website or call 311.


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Dino velvet

Did the city give out masks to the homeless mexicans who sleep on all the park benches in Sunnyside/Woodside while they sprayed?

Kramden's Delicious Marshall

Sounds more like a boondoggle for the chemical companies. Always follow the money.


Good job spraying last night , right before a massive thunderstorm washed all the pesticide right into the sewr drains . Nice job !!!!

woodside guy

Will the outdoor equipment in Noonan Park be washed down before little kids play on them again?


not for nothing but spraying pesticide from one nozzle off the back of a gas guzzling chevy or GMC city appointed pick up driving up and down the block is a complete joke .. the whole Idea of spraying bugs is a joke . years ago there was no mention of west nile , just another manufactured disease to send the public into a tailspin .. total joke .. one nozzle spraying down the middle of the block , about as useful as an ashtray on a motorcycle …

Brandon Sanders

Will they hide everything down and wash away this poison when they finish? So now my dogs feet are going to be covered in pesticides if I walk him the morning after? And I basically can’t leave the house after 8:30 tonight unless I want to breathe this shit in? And I’ll need a gas mask I’m the morning when I leave for work? Is this really needed or are we just putting a bunch of money in sombodies pockets? Are we in danger of having an epidemic of West Nile virus in Sunnyside?


Agreed! Same goes for the park benches, swings and playground equipment. Kids will be there tomorrow. Disgusting!


What are the reports on west nile and mosquitoes? I haven’t really seen that many reports of west nile so far, and those who die would have died from anything anyway, just like the problem they had in bronx last couple of weeks with legionnaire disease. I rather be bitten or stung by something natural than get sprayed with these pesticides. Maybe this should be done on-demand not forced like this. I still don’t understand how could this be allowed. Is our neighborhood selected because of the demographic? Do they do this in manhattan where they have just as much flies and insects? How about brooklyn heights? We don’t even have any ponds or swamps around here.

Martine aerts-Niddam


Let the bitching commence?

Inform yourself on what is being sprayed tonite and maybe, once informed, your tone will change.

If it wasn’t for a friend, I wouldn’t know.. And pesticides have already done a number on my health.



We won’t die of West Nile virus but of being poisoned instead. How is this still even legal?
JVB, where are you on this issue? Toxins and chemicals polluting our air, especially on a hot and humid day.

Sunnyside Local

Don’t be eating the produce and other goods that are sold outside of the neighborhood’s bodegas. The last time they sprayed everyone who consumed these goods got sick.


The report says the same thing for people who just happen to catch the fumes, so I wouldn’t be surprised if they have worst effect on fruits.


Sounds like something you just made up. Doubt there is an ounce of proof that anyone got sick last year because of spraying.

There’s always someone like you to blow things out of proportion by lying.


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