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Peruvian Restaurant Opens On Queens Blvd, Second ‘Riko’ In Sunnyside


Feb. 16, 2016 By Christian Murray

Riko Peruvian Cuisine, formerly known as Pio Pio Riko, opened its second Sunnyside restaurant yesterday.

The new restaurant is located at 43-22 Queens Blvd. and is smaller than its more prominent establishment at 45-23 Greenpoint Ave.

The Queens Boulevard restaurant has five tables and 10 seats and is geared toward takeout.

The menu is almost identical to that of the Greenpoint Avenue restaurant, which is best known for its rotisserie chicken, seafood and its rice and beans.

Riko's primary location

Riko’s primary location

“We get a lot of lines where we are now,” the owner, who didn’t want to disclose her name, told the Sunnyside Post in October. She said that the new location would draw some of its existing customers as well as new ones given its Queens Boulevard location.

Riko has taken over the space formerly occupied by Dj’s Pawn Shop, which closed during the first half of 2015.

Riko’s Queens Boulevard location is the fourth Riko restaurant, with other operations located in Jamaica and Manhattan.



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I wouldn’t bother with either place. Very rude as soon as you walk in the door at Greenpoint location. Very suspicious when the owner doesn’t give name, whats up with that? They should be nice regardless of the language you speak, so that comment is 100% ignorant.


As with every other new restaurant in sunnyside, with maybe two or three exceptions, the quality of their food has decreased and prices have increased. Make sure to get a fresh chicken. Not one that has been over done and dried out. The last few I’ve ordered have been. . . not as good as they were when the sign said “Pio Pio Carajo!”

They are very nice, though. Especially if you speak spanish. And used to offer a glass of wine while you waited. I wonder if they’ll do it at the new location.


I order take out from Riko, there’s always a line in their small restaurant. This is a very good idea – two have a “take out” spot.


This is a really good thing. As for not revealing her name, as strange as that is, as long as the food continues to be as good as it always has then this is a great addition to the neighborhood.

fool me once

Probably didnt want to be held responsible for the illegal mandatory tip which they add to every bill. Check old yelp reviews of the greenpoint locations for details.


I’ve been patronizing this place for about 5 years and they stopped this practice at least 2-3 years ago. Not cool that they used to do it, but maybe cut them a break since they’ve corrected it. Delicious food at a reasonable price, this place is a neighborhood gem.


Didn’t this replace a pawn shop? I hope that the menu prices don’t require hocking the family jewels,.


I find it very strange the owner did not want to disclose her name. Wouldn’t you be proud for such an accomplishment to be able to open up another restaurant? Wouldn’t you want to connect with the community?


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