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Peruvian restaurant Don Pollo for sale

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March 14, 2017 Staff Report

A Peruvian restaurant in Sunnyside has gone on the market.

The owners of Don Pollo, located at 41-06 Greenpoint Avenue, have listed their business with a local realtor and are looking to sell it for $120,000.

The family-run restaurant opened about three years ago, offering traditional Peruvian cuisine. It is the second location for the restaurant, with the first in Ozone Park.

According to the listing, the restaurant is about 1,100 square feet, and is described as a “spacious and welcoming dining restaurant with state-of-the art equipment,” and an “excellent potential for additional income.”

The rent for the building costs about $50,000 per year, and the total cost of running the restaurant including rent, utilities, taxes, payroll, and other expenses came to $291,996 last year.

However despite the expenses, the restaurant brought in $516,000, making a net income of $224,004.  There are seven years left on the lease.

The owners of Don Pollo did not return request for comment by the time of publication.


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I was just their two weeks ago. The food is not bad depending what you order. But I’m not that surprised

El loco

Is this my brother Al? I don’t have a feud with anyone. You’re a hater. I have millions of adoring fans in SUNNYSIDE and I’m funny. You’re just jealous because you do not have the ability to make people laugh. And I’m telling mom on you brother Al.

Al from sunnyside

El loco should be censored. Enough with his dumb jokes. Really annoying. I noticed quite a few people agree. Several people have ongoing fueds on this site with him, both in the past, and currently. Im saying it civilly, most people aren’t as civil. He thinks hes funny but hes not. Hes annoying, and hes whats wrong with this comment section. Enough already. I can hear his reply already, i can post what i want blah, blah, blah, freedom of speech, blah, blah, blah. But your useless, go away. Anybody 2nd this? Hes not funny. This is going on too long


AFS – you are always criticizing El loco. Your comments are at least as stupid if not worse. Leave him alone and do your own thing.


Rumors of an apartment complex (coop or condo) covering that entire square block have been circulating for years, but never with confirmation. New tenants come in from time to time, such as the liquor store on the 42nd Street corner and a change in management of the other chicken eatery in the block.

Princess Gordita Joe

I’ve heard a major owner on that corner is trying to cobble together enough land to build a condo tower on that triangle btw Greenpoint and 48th at 41st Street (where Don Pollo and Curry Point are).

Anyone know anything about that?


Hardly surprising. The ex-Indian restaurant on the corner of that same block is still vacant. And a large retail space in the middle of the same block has been vacant for four or five years now. Sunnyside definitely does not shine on that section of Greenpoint Avenue.

El loco

The food is not very good. I wish Don and the rest of the Pollo family the best of luck. Us Hispanics need to stick together.

El loco

Hey Guitar God, Al from Sunnyside, Anonymous, Roxy or whatever you want to call yourself today. Stop hating on me. My funny letters bring joy to many shut ins in Sunnyside like yourself. So be a good boy do your homework and give mommy a kiss good night. It’s time to let the grown ups have the floor. Kids nowadays. Huh. Now how ’bout some love Sunnyside. I know you’re out there. I think there may be multiple el locos. Maybe an El loca?


The place was dead all the time every day they did not make this much money I’m in the business. Complete fabrication of accounting.

Restaurant Ideas Man

What business are you in? I have ideas for sunnyside. I have capital. I need someone with experience in the business. I have one idea that is a guaranteed success. Must be on Qns Blvd or very close, though. Interested? How can we talk privately? Same with Sunnysideman above. No, sorry. I won’t publish my email.

El loco

Let’s talk. I have ideas. A Peruvian El Salvadoran Honduran Koshet restaurant. My number is 718-555-1313. Call me. And no negative comments from haters. It’s a good idea. My wife Ellie can do the cooking.

Richard Simmons

Warning do not call El Loco. I called him and now he keeps calling asking me to go to dinner and a movie. He sent me a dozen dandelions too. My boyfriend is so upset. He’s threatening to leave me.


He is lucky if he even nets 100k a year no way in hell he can net about a quarter million dollars off of 516k gross


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