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Korean Fried Chicken Giant About to Open in Sunnyside


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April 14, 2016 Christian Murray

A Korean fried chicken restaurant will be opening on Greenpoint Avenue this June.

The establishment, called Pelicana, will be located at 47-08 Greenpoint Avenue, at the space that was formerly a hardware store.

Pelicana, headquartered in South Korea, operates more than 2,000 chain-stores in Korea. This will be among the few to open in the United States. There are currently locations in Flushing and the other in Palisades Park, NJ.

The company is currently accepting franchise inquiries.

The owner of the Sunnyside venture is Julie Kim, who also operates the Pelicana in Flushing.

The Sunnyside space is currently undergoing construction and Kim hopes to open in June,

The restaurant will consist of 46 seats, with 21 tables. It will be open from 12 pm until midnight seven days per week and will deliver.

Kim is currently seeking a wine and beer license.

The Sunnyside location will offer the exact menu as that offered in Flushing and New Jersey, according to Kim.

The Flushing location has more than 250 Yelp reviews, with 4 ½ stars.

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I just want to say to anyone that will end up stumbling on this article: Pelicana is one of the most popular fried chicken chain in Korea – if not the most. Considering Korea itself has a huge following/love for fried chicken, you can see how big this is. I can guarantee you 100% that this place will taste much better than the nearby KFC from chickens that are better quality as well (just google KFC chicken farm).

Gabriel Tsumogo

I used to live in Sunnyside and I moved to Flushing few years ago. Pelicana tastes pretty good and it’s not that expensive. It might seem pricey, but their quality and portions are good. I come visit Sunnyside every weekend to get a haircut, so I will definitely visit the Sunnyside location when it opens.

Stop the madness

Another chicken joint. Just what we needed. Theres one a block away, another on 46th, 2 more on greenpoint, another on qblvd. South side baby, South side


This is fine, but we can’t Sunnyside and/or Woodside get Dos Torros, Pret Manger, Shake Shack, and other decent eateries?

El loco

the menu looks absolutely disgusting. I need pepto bismol just looking at it. Why not a normal Korean restaurant.


Are you asking why owner leased it to this particular franchise and didn’t sit on another vacant storefront waiting for the “right” applicant – all so that the food wouldn’t give you a little tummy ache?

It’s a KFC restaurant because spaces are rented by people that want to rent them.

Lets be grateful it’s not shaping up to be another sketchy, money-laundering “phone” store or psychic.


I wonder where the chickens come from? — Do they come from farms where they’re treated with care & respect? — Do a search for HFAC — CERTIFIED HUMANE RAISED & HANDLED — these chickens are happy & comfy 24/7 — they eat well, they are NOT administered any drugs — these farms do good for their animals AND for their human customers — I only purchase chickens from people who respect & care for their animals — I would NEVER support the idiot-monsters who cruelly & sadistically abuse their chickens — YOU SHOULD INQUIRE WHAT THEY THINK OF THE CHICKENS THEY’LL BE SERVING YOU – Animals suffer so much — they’re treated as a mere commodity — When there is profit to be made on the backs of animals, history shows that those backs are often strained & broken or, as in this “chicken” case, or dead — Do NOT contribute to the monstrosity of animal cruelty — BUY from good & caring farmers!


They weren’t kidding about the chicken. The only thing I didn’t see offered was “chicken beak.” I’m intrigued.


is it Pelican fried chicken? its a really bad name. they did not do market research with americans… or did they? is there really a market for gizzards in Sunnyside? they will be gone and broke before their lease runs out.

lots of money, not lots of savvy.


It is called Pelicana Chicken and their stir-fried gizzards are the bombs yo! Their main dishes are chicken. They have over 50 flavors of chicken. I go to their Flushing location often w/ ma friends and the meat is so juicy and tender. I only go there cuz the quality is dope.

#creepy guy behind cruz

i never heard of this chain but they look awesome, great for that section of greenpoint ave.


Because sometimes you have to pay for good food. If you’re looking for inexpensive food options with a good price, try a grocery store. Any grocery store.


The portions they give in the Flushing location are actually very generous. In general you’re gonna pay a little more for high quality food anywhere you go, but the amount they give is equivalent to two meals and so way worth it for the price. Tastes great even day after.


Hey, meat is meat. If it takes care of the city’s feral cat problem, so much the better.

Meow chow mein for everybody!

In my day...blah...blah...blah

YES! Now I don’t have to schlep to UFC!! Hope this place does well!!!


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