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Pawn Shop Coming to Sunnyside

Photo: QueensPost (feat. Nathan Murray at 8 years old)

July 26, 2010 By Christian Murray

A new tenant has been found to replace the owner of the bodega at the corner of 46th Street and Queens Blvd.

A pawn shop, aptly called “EZ Pawn Shop”, is expected to open in September.

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Eddie Kreinik

I feel that not allowing a small business to open in any community is an injustice. We should be doing everything posible to promote business in the sunnyside area. It seems stange to me that most of the negitive comments are coming from the suunyside chamber of commerce which in its mission statement is there to promote and grow the commercial part of our community. This is a legitimate business trying to grow and facilatate the ecomomy in very tough times. Do your research before you condemn. I think they should be able to rent or buy property in the Sunnyside area.


I know this pawnshop, it’s the Uncle Sam one from the subway. I actually saw them at the AIDS walk – Hey selling your gold is all over the place. It’s better than a liquor store or an OTB…plus I once bought a macbook at a pawnshop and I still have it!

Sunnyside local

It’s about time. I’ve been to that pawnshop and found them to be fair and reasonable. Besides it’s better than a bodega. Pidgeons would shit on the food that was being sold right in front of the place. Besides there’s a pawnshop directly across the street, DG pawnshop. Any way it’s better than a topless bar or a OTB.


I have actually heard good things about this pawnshop. I know it may seem tacky and like it will bring down the community but in reality pawnshops are there to help people, lets be optimistic, maybe this will bring money in for those who need it and in turn Sunnyside commerce will benefit. People need money to spend money people!


Hey, Some of the businesses are finding it tough like everywhere. Sure.
But the neighborhood is still good.

45th and Skillman

A pawn shop?

How is it that one of the busiest corners in the neighborhood can’t support 3 businesses? Diving Bell: for sale. Pizza place: for sale. Now a pawn shop?

Here’s a thought: What’s going on with the landlord for that property?


With the economy going further down the pan every day, expect to see more pawn shops and other signs of financial distress.


Yes a Pawn Shop! Just what we need in the neighborhood! I guess we’re trying very hard to not be on next years NY Mag list of best nabes. We’re doing very well lately on getting to that list. Sorry I’m down on Sunnyside these days. I think we might move out. It’s just to stanky lately … oh maybe that’s from the Associated Marketplace bottle thingy on 44th street.

Another Sunnysider

Another pawn shop to replace a coffee shop? A pizza place (Victoria II) for sale. Sad….. I hope it is not the slow downward spiral of Sunnyside.


If a store that looked clean and fresh opened up perhaps people would shop in it.


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