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Owners of Sotto Le Stelle Pizzeria and SoleLuna Open Gelato Shop on Queens Boulevard

Arcobaleno Gelateria, a new gelato shop located at 44-09 Queens Blvd., opened Sunday. The business is owned by the owners of Sotto Le Stelle Pizzeria and SoleLuna (Photo: instagram/sunnysideshines)

Aug. 2, 2022 By Christian Murray

The owners of two successful Italian restaurants in Sunnyside opened a gelato shop in the neighborhood Sunday.

Valerio Marchi, Gina Mastrovito and Manuel Gregorio, who own Sotto Le Stelle Pizzeria and SoleLuna on Queens Boulevard, opened Arcobaleno Gelateria on July 31 at 44-09 Queens Blvd.

The addition represents their third business in Sunnyside, with the trio also part of a team that opened an Italian restaurant in Astoria last year.

Their new gelato store is located next door to Sotto Le Stelle, which offers Neapolitan wood-fired pizzas that they opened in 2015.

“It’s a good addition. There was nowhere to get gelato in Sunnyside until now,” Marchi said, who is a Sunnyside resident and Italian immigrant.

He said that he had been taking his wife and children to Astoria or Brooklyn to get gelato.

The location was also attractive, Marchi said, since it is next to their pizzeria, sharing a backyard. He said residents could get dinner at Sotto Le Stelle and then go next door for dessert.

Marchi said that they are working on the menu at Arcobaleno, which will not only include gelato but will include coffee, desserts, Frappe (Italian milkshakes with gelato) and more.

The new establishment, which is about 1,000 square feet, offers seating for about 20 people, with three tables in the store and about five in the back. The space had been occupied by a hair salon until earlier this year.

The business is their fourth and Marchi jokes that it is their last, noting how busy it keeps him and his business partners. The partners, all Italians, met years ago while they were working in the Manhattan restaurant scene.

They have come a long way since opening SoleLuna, which opened in 2015 on the northeast corner of Queens Boulevard and 40th Street. The restaurant is known best for its pasta and meat dishes, pastries and espresso.

In 2017, they opened Sotto Le Stelle Pizzeria and in December 2021 opened Sotto La Luna, at a new food and beverage hall known as The World Artisan Market at 34-39 31st St. in Astoria.

Marchi is hopeful that their fourth venue will succeed like the others.

“We love gelato, we love our neighborhood,” Marchi said. “I think we will do well. Many families love gelato.”

Valerio Marchi (L) and Gina Mastrovito, co-owners of Arcobaleno Gelateria, which opened at 44-09 Queens Blvd. on Sunday (

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The gelato isn’t bad, but it isn’t that great either… It’s mediocre. The price is a bit ridiculous for their golf-ball sized scoops (LITERALLY..or maybe it’s smaller). It’s annoying that they give bigger scoops to italians. Anyone who is non-italian will get scoops smaller than a kid’s scoop


Ice cream was good but size was way too small. I agree $3.50 per tiny scoop is tough and $6.50 for two tiny scoops is not cool. Will get a pint of Van Leeuwin next time.

Sunnysider is back

I went today. Not comparable to what I had in Italy, but it’ll do.. The gelato is okay, although the flavors are a bit light.. would like the taste to be a bit stronger. I do agree, the scoops are tiny… half the size of a scoop compared to baskin robbins.


Tastes great but the scoop sizes are way too small. $3,50 for a golf ball sized scoop.


Well this sounds great now I don’t have to travel to Brooklyn for it! Wishing them much success here ??

Rita S.

How wonderful
gelato in Sunnyside ?? We are delighted that we can go within walking distance to enjoy this treat. Best of luck to owners ?


I love Valerio and Gina, they are so great, their food is delicious and I hope they are good businesspeople, since their opening their fourth restaurant. Best of luck!

Vincent "Does it come in Keto?" Kazinsky

I know it’s asking a lot and I know everyone is in love with sucrose in this country (and apparently T2 diabetes), but is there any chance for the love of god to have a gelato offering made with Allulose or Erythritol?

The benefits:

* You’d have an offering that NO ONE else has or is currently making in the neighborhood or nearby (LIC doesn’t have it!)
* The slightly increased cost is well worth it, especially since everyone is looking for healthy, sustainable alternatives (everyone knows sucralose, aspartame and others are poison!)
* More business…obviously

Think about it. It’s worth it. Trust me.


Allulose or Erythritol are great, yet everyone knows that sucralose, aspartame and others are poison.

…. Well put, sir. Everyone knows these chemicals and can tell good from evil like the back of their hand.


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