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Owner of Sunnyside’s Courtyard Ale House, to Open New Pub in LIC Thursday

Pat Burke, the owner of the Courtyard in Sunnyside, to open LIC establishment Thursday (Photo: QueensPost)

Aug, 12, 2013 By Christian Murray

A gastro-pub is scheduled to open at 47-10 Vernon Boulevard this Thursday where the storied Lounge 47 used to operate.

The pub, to be called Woodbines, is owned by Pat Burke, who runs three other bar/restaurants throughout the city—including the Courtyard in Sunnyside.

Burke said that Woodbines, named after the cigarettes his grandfather smoked in Ireland, would offer 12 craft beers, 50 different types of bottled beers, and an Irish-themed bar menu.

He said there would be no TVs inside the pub, since he aims to create a local pub atmosphere. However, there will be power outlets placed throughout the bar so patrons can power up—and use– their lap tops, iPads and other devices. Furthermore, there will be Wi-Fi.

He said that SingleCut Beersmiths, an Astoria-based brewery, is working on a pale ale exclusively for his bars. The unique brew is expected to be ready in about 4 to 6 weeks. He plans to reach out to some of the Long Island City brewers as well.

Burke said the interior of Woodbines has been designed to have a rustic look. He said that a lot of time was spent finding old timber from Pennsylvania as well as vintage lamps. “We want to create a comfortable atmosphere,” he said.

The menu will include items such as: scotch eggs, sausage rolls, jerk chicken, pork sliders, beef sliders, lamb nachos, fish & chips, lamb meatloaf, chick curry, burgers and salads.

Some of the produce will come from local farmers– while the bacon will come from the Butcher Block in Sunnyside, a well-known Irish meat & grocery store.

Burke is not permitted to use the backyard space at Woodbines. This stems from an old controversy when the former tenant, Lounge 47, was denied the use of it after several neighbors complained about noise.

Burke, 39, owns the Courtyard as well as the Brickyard Gastropub in Manhattan and the Kent Ale House in Williamsburg.

Woodbines to open Thursday where Lounge 47 was located. (Photo: QueensPost)

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cheers to pat no tvs ,lots of chatter and porter sounds goodddd to me”. and good food and hopefully some live music a bit of old thad to go with the old wood . well done pat up cork. ps no langers allowed .


Micky is mutton the sheep’s stomach? It sounds weird! Pork butt nachos. I will stick to my Morning star grillers and beer.

South Side Johnny

I guess if he lives here in Sunnyside, he deserves some free advertising. I will stop into Woodbines when it’s open, but I will miss the courtyard.

(I had mutton once in a historic inn located in northern Germany- after a couple of bites, I decided: never again. But lamb is good. Lamb nachos? Hmmm.)


South Side,if a local business man is expanding his business it is news for the local community,the location is irrelevant,it is still local success and news.
PETAL,you should try a bit of mutton,you might like it.

South Side Johnny

Micky: no, I am not an “employment giver.” I’ve been to Lounge 47 a few times and can attest to the fact that its location had nothing to do with Sunnyside. I also know that Vernon Blvd is lined with pricey food & drink establishments designed to attract the wealthy tenants of Queens West, not the local crowd that lives around here. (Have you been to that new Food Cellar supermarket on 47th Rd? super-expensive!!!)

It’s great that the guy is expanding but it’s not news for the local community, but this is an ad, isn’t it? There are new bars opening on Steinway St in Astoria, too; will there be 10-paragraph article on each one of them. too?

South Side Johnny

This really isn’t news, it’s an advertisement for a commercial establishment. While it’s a nice story about someone who has a connection to Sunnyside, it’s not a news story. Of course, Sunnyside Post can post anything they want: their mission statement is pretty broad- news & “stories of interest” from Sunnyside, Queens, NYC. We should remember, their job is sell advertising space and attrract readers; if they want to write about a business opening somewhere else in Queens and treat it as if it’s “local news” that members of the local community will find important, so be it. I’ve seen other blogs clearly label postings like this, identifying them as commercials, or sponsored, so their readers know right away that they are not reading news about the local community. This looks more like a favor for a friend of the publisher or owner of the Sunnyside Post, not really a journalistic endeavor.


Fun Fact: If you put Long Island City in your mail, the mailman will know its in Sunnyside !


Pat is a nice man and great bar owner. Cheers Pat! I have no doubt this bar will be a great place to go.


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