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Orchard Farmers Market Holds Grand Opening, Under New Management

Photo: QueensPost

July 5, 2012 By Christian Murray

The 4th of July marked the grand opening of the New Orchard Farmers Market at 42-24 Greenpoint Ave.

Owner Bob Patel and a partner bought the store this past March 15th and have spent the intervening months renovating and acquiring all the proper licenses that such a business requires. “You need licenses for the cigarettes, the beer, even the flowers. It takes a lot of coordination.”

The store has yet to receive its beer license but once it comes through it will be open 24 hours a day. Right now it’s open from 8am-11pm.

Patel is from Westchester. “It is a hike for me, but it’s worth it. My partner is from Flushing and we wanted to be in Queens. After a lot of research we stood on the corner for several days and knew this was the place. Sunnyside is decent and relatively crime free, and the people are so nice. There’s no headaches and the park [Thomas P. Noonan, Jr. Playground] is a real attraction with all the kids.  We will accommodate them with plenty of ice cream and juice.”

The market will feature a new deli counter with fresh meat and chicken. A new section will cater to the Indian community, and he will keep the Turkish section left by the previous owner. “We won’t turn our backs on the Turks or anyone else, either. If the neighbors ask for a certain product, we will do our best to accommodate them. We have lottery, flowers, all of the groceries, even two bathrooms. What other market has bathrooms?”

If Patel sounds like he has a strong business acumen, it might be because of where he’s from. “Kujarat, India. Anytime you find a good Indian-owned business in this country the last name of the owner is Patel and they’re from the Kujarat area. Stores, restaurants, hotels — all Patel.”

He’ll add “New” to the old Orchard Farmers Market sign. “New signs and awnings would cost eight thousand dollars. That’s not smart business.”


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This is a wonderful place to shop. I really like the variety of foods they sell & the friendly customer service I receive everytime I have gone shopping there. Well I wish them good Luck & lots of success.


Never had an issue with the Met Food either. Mold? Never saw anything even remotely resembling mold there. Their produce is very fresh

Donald Trump Patel

He’s a Patel, of course it’s going to do well. Patels are the greatest businessmen in all of India.


Aside from the flower stand outside, the place looks no different. If I were the new owners, I would have changed a few things and spiffied the place up a bit more before announcing a “grand” opening.

I agree with above comment. This area is well served with delis, supermarkets, fruit and veggie stores. The owner will really have to find his own niche to compete. I’m glad to see the space occupied in any case. Good luck.


What can they offer the neighborhood that isn’t already there? The produce place on the other end of the block is fine and groceries are available over at Met (my favorite supermarket out of the three.) I wish them success but they had better come up with something clever. They have a lot of competition.


Nope Steven it was here. I don’t see this place lasting if it doesn’t have huge turn around. lmao. Webly how much are they paying you to post that?


The place has really gone down hill recently, I hope that’s just because they were spending a lot of time and money renovating it.

I wish them luck!

Mike Novak

Hope the new owners do well.

I never had a problem with the Met on 43rd Ave. The owners are almost always there and run a good business.


Place is great! Fresh produce, beautiful flowers, cucumbers fit for foodie, excellent store to shop.


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