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NYPD: Woman Robbed at Knifepoint near Queens Blvd/52nd Street


May 17, 2016 Staff Report

The police are searching for a man who robbed a 42-year-old woman at knifepoint in the vicinity of 52nd Street and Queens Boulevard last week.

Police said the woman was walking along the street at 9:45 am, Sunday, May 8, when a man approached her, pulled out a knife and demand her belongings.

The alleged perpetrator stole the victim’s pocketbook, which contained items including an iPhone and $140 in cash.

The suspect is described as black, between 18 and 25 years-old.

Anyone with information in regards to this incident is asked to call the NYPD’s Crime Stoppers Hotline at 1-800-577-TIPS (8477)

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Change is not good

Where did this happen? Oh, by that beautiful brand new building that was put up. Nice $1900 a month for a studio apartment where you can get mugged

Pack up the truck

Att: Joe@ the Berkley::::you do make sense and i agree to a point, but where are you Northside right? Plus, ive been around forever, as you seem to be, problem with us is were accustomed to the area and tend to fall into a comfort zone. I get what your saying but the southside is bad, has been since the 70’start. Im like you, i wish i could defend the place but it’s gotten worse. They moved the dealers from the street to indoors so it’s not as noticeable. There is old timers and young kids alike as lookouts. I wish i was an alarmist but it’s all to real, I pass it every day. The people that left and wish they could return is because of the proximity of the area, not because of any other reason. I also agree woodside is fairly large,,most of it bad now though, only good spot in woodside is your area, and across queens blvd by the edge of maspeth. Speaking of maspeth, its going downhill really fast. Beware. Thx for your input

Joe at the Berkley

-Pack up the truck We live in the Berkley Towers for 45 years and love it. Some parts of Woodside like the areas by the old Mets apartment buildings which are now called the cosmopolitans went down hill but they are seeing a huge turnaround especially since they turned into market priced rentals. Woodside is a fairly large neighborhood in area. You sound like an alarmist. I run into so many people who left the area and wish they could return but are unable to afford a return.

Pack up the truck

Time to get out of here. Woodside is and has been a horrible neighborhood since the mid 60’S ,move out of here.


-sbarbara What area are you referring to? 52nd and Queens Blvd is fairly desolate. Yes, there is the new apartment building on the north side of QB but even on that side of QB there is never anyone in the street. If the crime occurred on the cemetery side which has always had issues there is a good chance the perp pretended to wait for the Q60 and waited for the opportunity without being noticed.


9:45 on a sunday morning in an area surrounded by churches and a bus stop. this is a shame. one shouldnt have to worry at that time of day. this worries me b/c its my nab.
beware the hoodie, but do what instead?

Del Toro

Damn it, hey Pct 108, you never have neighborhood cops around, so thugs roam free, how many people will have to be robbed at gunpoint or by knife until we start getting some attention around here. There seem to be recent surge of crime in the area, where are these people coming from? Punishment is way too light for these crimes, this is why these losers can do that. Then someone will come here and start writing about how we don’t know the circumstances and how we don’t know him, etc.. Bull crap. Guy goes robbing stores, people getting stabbed or shot on roosevelt, some losers on subway and this on bright daylight.

I would like to volunteer as bait 108, if cops are interested in catching these, I’ll walk alone at sunday at 9am, friday or saturday at 2 am on queens blvd and around, and I’ll clobber these losers, might put some in life support in self defense I’ll help you, is it OK? Or do you want to send some undercover to do this properly or is it too dangerous?


wow those Lithuanians are at it again, we have been too lenient with them in the past.

Save the Robots

As a Lithuanian I find your comment not only idiotic, but childish. Are you trying to be funny? A comedian you are not.A moron you are.


hahaha ok then lets use ESKIMOS….they are a nasty group of violent super predators…


come to think of it Eskimos wore and hand made the original hoodie

so black people should stop culturally appropriating this piece of clothing that was intended for a very good purpose.


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