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NYPD: Two men break into Sunnyside apartment, steal $1,400 cash and jewelry

Suspect (NYPD)

Suspect (NYPD)

July 28, 2016 Staff Report

Two men broke into a Sunnyside apartment earlier this month and took off with about $1,400 in cash and more than $8,000 in personal items, according to police.

The men entered an apartment building located in the vicinity of 43rd Avenue and 44th Street through the front door and then went into one of the units and grabbed $1,400 cash and $8,000 in jewelry and electronics. The incident took place on Friday, July 15, at about 3:20 pm, police said.

One of the men is described as being black, bald and with a beard. He was last seen wearing dark Nike sneakers, black T-Shirt and olive cargo shorts.

Suspect (NYPD

Suspect (NYPD

The other man is described as having a beard and long dark hair. He was last seen wearing blue Nike sneakers, baseball cap, black T-shirt and blue denim shorts.

Anyone with information in regard to this incident is asked to call the NYPD’s Crime Stoppers Hotline at 1-800-577-TIPS (8477)



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I am always finding groups of Jehovah Witnesses in my building,and I mean about 15 at a time. they try buzzers and eventually someone ignorant will let Delivery people let strangers in with them as well. the camera is a waste,i have to turn on my tv to a channel to see who is buzzing. It is helpful if something does happen that they can be captured on camera.


Look at them.. Of course they’re drug dealers. Don’t look like they’re selling Jesus.. Whadup y’all.. Whoot whoot.

Fan of Doughboy Park

If you look closely , the guy with the cap looks like he has a squirrel tale sticking out of back of cap. I think this is a ” ratatouille” squirrel situation. This furry fiends are out of control

The Truth

HLDM – hipster lives don’t matter

Hope she was an out of town we leaving New York to us real New Yorkers.


I used to live in this buliding.. Moved out about three
Months ago. The lobby door was always kept opened. The lock would either be broken or kicked in, the door left wide open or the glass shattered. No one takes care of the building, the super is never there. And our packages always went missing. It doesn’t surprise me not one bit.

El mexicano

I live here and its a respectable building. The super works his ass off, people just gota stop throwing trash in the recycle.


The victim was a young married woman . She said she called the police and the police never came that night at all. She mentioned to me that she think s the person broke in through the front door of the apartment and that she thinks its a inside job possibly from near by neighbors. – friend of victims family

Old time Sunnyside!

Inside job…..I doubt these were random victims. I don’t know anyone who has that much cash just laying around. Probably drug related


You really don’t know anyone with $1,400 cash laying around? You have got to be kidding.


-Doc That may be hard for an old timer like you to believe but most younger people almost never use cash. At 40 percent, cash makes up the single largest share of consumer transaction activity, followed by debit cards at 25 percent, and credit cards at 17 percent. Electronic payments account for 7 percent, while checks make up 7 percent. Five years ago 36% of Americans used cash to transact business in 2015 its 24% according to Gallup. Twenty-one percent of young Americans — aged 23-34 — say they make all or most of their purchases with cash, down 18 percentage points from the 39% who say they used cash to that extent five years ago. While the economy has absorbed noncash payments for goods and services, among all age groups younger Americans have shown the most striking drop in using cash. In contrast, those aged 35-54 saw a two-point drop, while those 55 and older saw a six-point drop. The times are changing.


I make most payments by credit card or online as well but $1,400 hardly makes for drug related, unless you are one sorry excuse for a drug dealer. $1,400 in the grand scheme of things is not a hell of a lot of money. ATMs go down, blackouts and natural disasters happen. Remember Con Ed”s weeks log salute to Woodside, Sunnyside and especially Astoria in 2006. Cash on hand was very important.


@Doc. Macs post is just pointing out the different habits regarding cash in a society that’s quickly becoming a cashless society. I have noticed this trend in bars so many young people pay with debit cards. So annoying it slows things down. I’m older and only keep a few hundred in cash on hand. In the black out of 2006 I took my wife and fled to our place upstate I knew right away the authorities were lying about the severity and scale of the blackout when it took us close to an hour to drive from a relatives early birthday party in Astoria to Sunnyside.


older people would have that much cash laying around. but people in my age bracket, i’m 33, i wouldnt really have any money like that in my apt.


Our building was busted into like this last year. Twice. Made off with stuff by prying open the apartment door, but were let in somehow. Now that the new policy for delivery drivers is that if you don’t respond, they buzz everybody until they are let in and leave the package inside, if that. Sometimes they leave it in the vestibule with no security because they don’t want to come back. Thieves use the same approach and. . . Burglary Bagel Batman!!!

We now have security cameras, but as you can see, pictures don’t prevent intruders.


This does not answer how they got in, only assumptions.
Sadly this site always provides half of the story and does not follow up much. Why not give more info and actually go meet with the victim? Should we fear more towel carrying criminals or was this a “friend” who just happened to come back for what he is “owed” or someone who was there previously picking up some craigslist deal, spotted the stuff and came back after the seller went out?

Cameras don’t prevent is not true statement, obviously this low life had no idea there was a camera in the lift, so he tried to hide his face immediately.


Tell you what, go ask the perps how they got in. In the mean time, stop replacing one persons assumptions with your own.


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