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NYPD: Man follows victim to apartment door, steals his wallet

Oct. 13, 2016 Staff Report

A Sunnyside man who was opening the door to his 48th Street apartment was approached from behind and stripped of his wallet, according to police.

The victim was entering his apartment, located in the vicinity of 48th Street and 47th Avenue, at around 12:20 am on Friday, August 12, when an unknown man came up from behind and took his wallet from his back pocket.

The suspect is described as a male, black, approx. 30 years of age, 6’00” in height and 170 pounds.

A video of the individual is attached and available at DCPI.

Anyone with information is asked to call the NYPD’s Crime Stoppers Hotline at 1-800-577-TIPS (8477)

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Funny thing, reading all those comments above, I haven;t read so many garbage in one single page in a ….forever.


-t. don’t forget to blame the conservatives who turned welfare hotels and prisons into a lucrative money making machine.

Left wing Moronosaurus

You just hurt my feelings, now I need more support and a reward for complaining! OBAMA….HILLARY!! Im butthurt again!!


De Blasio is dumping crack heads & bums all over Queens recently.. Specially, Queens blvd Motels & Maspeth area.. Built them housing near Rikers not at our peace loving neighborhoods??


Blasio is dumping crack head & bums to our neighborhood.. House them at Rikers Island not at our peace loving neighborhoods?

Fan Of Dough Boy Park

Where’s all the leftist ( levelheaded guy) and everyone else to tell us how racist we are when dealing with reality. That robber isn’t a woodsidet/sunnysider. Does dealing with reality make me a racist???? Keep your head in the sand people, DeBlasio is dumping these people in our neighborhood.


all over LaQuainta Inn on 37th Street & Queens Boulevard is housing homeless people and so is the Quality Inn on 53rd & Queens Boulevard

Peace officers not police officers

Because you must realize that the concept of police is that they can’t be everywhere every time and that although they’ll cry and scream otherwise, their sources are limited in solving crimes. That’s why they open up incidents to the public.

A community watch is the best policing that no NYPD, LAPD, WhateverPD can accomplish.



Piece of sh*t scum. Is that really an apartment building in sunnyside? Looks like warehouse turned into an apartment? This kind of scum of the earth low life piece of crap kind of people are why you have to watch your back as you enter your building and demand your landlord keep your building locks in good working condition, cameras inside and outside (does this place have any cameras outside).

One question, since we seem to have so many law experts on this site. If you shoot someone (like this assh*le) on the foot, will you get into trouble? I am asking because I can’t tell if this is considered private property/Home or is it considered common area that does not belong to you.

This guys dreadlocks should be easy to spot, it’s time to call the 108 and challenge them to find this idiot.

I know I am going to get down votes for mentioning this, but I’ve been noticing more and more people standing & loitering at corners, alleyways (sunnyside has alleyways? You know those little areas between buildings) and side of houses by driveways and garages, standing like they got nothing to do, smoking pot and gathering chatting, loud laughing like hyenas. Noticing them more and more around 44th and 43rd ave, corners around supermarket, laundromats, smoke shops and near basement entrances. Prime spots can be listed easily, 43rd Ave & 44th Street, 48th and 43rd ave/Skillman Ave, and on the other side, along 46th street up to 48th ave, around the park near 42nd street and greenpoint, around the park near 43rd st and Skillman.

If 108 could spare just a couple, not asking for too many, just 2 cops, and walk around gather intelligence and see what shape the neighborhood is in, we would be in a lot better shape. I am not profiling by race, but you can tell who is a trouble maker just by the way they act, walk, dress..


This is not a warehouse btw… It is the metroplitan housing complex that has been around for about 80 years. If you were familiar with the area, you’d know that.

Peace officers not police officers

If you shoot someone who is an aggressor and you fear for your life then you’re good. But in Nazi York City you can not defend yourself because people believe that other’s (politicians and police) can make better decisions than you. Or what’s more perverse is that your neighbor’s are like wanna-be-dictators and think they know what’s best for other people. And to that I say sod off and the only person that can best defend you and yours is only you.


Why would I be familiar with interior of housing complexes I don’t live in? Do you know what inside of every building in Sunnyside looks like?


you jumped to the assumption it looked like a warehouse… maybe don’t make ignorant comments perhaps


@Me: Your answer boils down to the answer to the question of “What is the roll of government in your life?”

Should these groups of derelicts write laws and have some twit enforce them to prevent you from reading a book? Worshiping a religion? Then why must they step in when you want to put something in your body (cannabis, hallucinogenic etc…)?

The roll of government is to protect your Liberty not to take care of you from cradle to grave. In universal fashion, all Liberty should be protected from whatever idea you want to put in your brain to whatever you want to put in your hands to defend yourself.

LOL at Roll

Love how you mentioned the bloat of current government as roll instead of role. They’re just so fake and living off of the individual.

Yes her exposed now

Drug deals going down letly around 43 st and 48 ave. One frequent customer is thin in his 50s with long dark brown hair and mustache. He usually wears a fishing type hat.

Yes her exposed now

Drug deals go on around 43 st and 48 ave. One frequent customer is in his 50s has long browns hair mustache and wears a fishing hat. I see him all the time.


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