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NYPD Helicopter Wakes up Residents

Oct. 14, 2011 By Christian Murray

A police helicopter woke up hundreds of Sunnyside/Woodside residents early Tuesday morning as cops undertook a search for three men who broke into a store on Greenpoint Ave. and 41st Street.

The helicopter started its pursuit at around 5:00 am Tuesday after a convenience store at 41-11 Greenpoint Ave. was burgled. The men broke in through the roof and stole cigarettes and pre-paid calling cards.

The helicopter was called in since the burglary was deemed “in progress”, according to police. The helicopter stayed in the area for an extended period of time as it searched nearby roofs and alleyways.

“I live just north of 50th Ave. and 41st Street,” said John K Wilson, a local resident. “I swear this thing was 40 feet above my roof and it was there a good 15 minutes. The lights were flashing—it was incredibly loud.”

Nineteen police cars also arrived on the scene.

The perpetrators did manage to flee, police said. However, the police were able to recover video evidence and were in the midst of combing over the store for finger prints.

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Greenpoint Avenue between 41st and 42nd has been the target of thieves a number of times over the years. This is the first time I’ve ever heard of a timely response by the NYPD. It’s about time!


I have issues with the police on occaision but this thread reads like a damned if they do and damned if they don”t.
The only unfortunate thing is that they got away but maybe the video and prints will pan out.


let’s thank the NYPD for such an effort to catch these losers and lets’s pray they are caught before stricking again.


Seems like an over-the-top response for a burglary. I heard this loud racket and couldn’t imagine what was going on. Hundreds of people were awoken. Where is this helicopter based? How much did this all cost? And 19 patrol cars?

Any results, or was this all completely unproductive? We need a follow-up on this story.


They suppose to catch those burglar after all this helicopter and nineteen police car. If not ………… What Good that scene is…….& for what…


And who knows how many other robberies these guys have done. I will be this was not their first.

The Watcher

Have you seen the price of cancersticks these days?

You can snatch thousands of dollars of phonecards in a small bag.

Its not a petty larceny. 😉


“The men broke in through the roof and stole cigarettes and pre-paid calling cards”

Wow, the burlgers put in a lot of effort for some smokes and calling cards.


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