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Number of Chain Stores Continues to Decline, Queens Hardest Hit: Report

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Dec. 26, 2019 By Kristen Torres

The number of chain stores in operation continues to fall across New York City and the decline in 2019 was greatest in Queens, according to a new report.

The Center for an Urban Future released its 2019 State of the Chains report this month and noted that the number of chain stores fell 3.7 percent across the city over the past year—from 8,136 stores to 7,852.

The borough of Queens experienced the largest decline, with the number of chain stores down 4.9 percent.

There were declines in all five boroughs—with Brooklyn down 4 percent, the Bronx 3.8 percent, Manhattan 3.1 percent and Staten Island 2.4 percent.

Clothing, cosmetics and other merchandise retailers were the hardest hit with closures this year. Stores such as Avenue lost six stores; Dress Barn four stores; and Children’s Place three stores.

Payless Shoes closed all 71 of its locations after filing for bankruptcy in February. Beauty supply chain Ricky’s shuttered 12 of its locations, with only two storefronts left in the city. The Mattress Firm closed 20 stores, GNC shut down eight, and GameStop seven locations.

The organization’s report also revealed a decline among some fast food restaurants. Subway closed 43 of its locations, Little Caesar’s closed 11 and Pizza Hut closed four.

But despite broad declines across the fast food industry, some national food chains have continued to expand in the city.

Dunkin’ Donuts remains the city’s largest national retailer, with 636 locations—up 12 from last year. Starbucks also expanded its footprint with 24 new locations to

Other popular fast food chains also opened up more locations since 2018, with Taco Bell opening eight new storefronts and Chick-fil-a and Popeyes opening six each.

The report noted that there were 316 companies that operated chain stores in New York in 2019—65 percent of them had stores in Queens.

Five companies only had storefronts in Queens, including H-Mart, Curves and True Religion, according to the report.

The zip code 11373, which is home to the Queens Center Mall, is the zip code with the greatest number of chain store locations in the borough.

Meanwhile, the zip code 11371—home to LaGuardia Airport– experienced the biggest decline in the number of chain stores in Queens. It lost eight storefronts.

State of the Chains Report 2019

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There’s an entire block on Myrtle ave in Queens that has literally only 2 stores open on it. It’s sad to see, I’ve been here my whole
I’ve and have always preferred to shop my local shops. So it’s not just big chains that are closing down EVERY THING is closing down and it’s sad to see.


There is a cloud of darkness that hovers over all 5 boroughs;it’s called gentrification. 5000 dollar a month apts 2700 dollar a month studios now it trickles on to commercial establishments…they cannot survive. No one can survive no one

Barbara Judge

So many bikes going to T-Mobile & Starbucks.
This is not a biking city, my husband has almost been hit by these speedsters.


Chain stores employ more people.What happens when the close for small independent locally owned stores
? Nothing but increase in unemployment

How is the vacant lot supposed to boost sales.

And yet you show the Starbucks that has the 6+years old vacant lot right next to it. Gross, depressing, and embarrassing.

Sara Ross

Anybody wonder how all of the pharmacies and catering places in 11375 owned by Russians can afford to stay in business when they are on blocks with high rents? How many of these “businesses” do we need?


Anyone have the stats for independantly owned stores. If chain stores are declining for locally owned businesses that would be music to my ears.


Diversity? Gentrification? Homeless Shelters? I think since this agenda began by your community leaders years ago it should pin point there criminality of payoffs, bribes and straight up bullshit for there concern about our way of life…. The time comes for all who are deceptive and part of a the big plan. May it show up on your doorstep the same way it is now at ours.


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