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Nodus Thai Noodles Opens Today

Photo: QueensPost

July 6, 2011 By Christian Murray

Nodus, a Thai restaurant located on Queens Blvd, held its grand opening Wednesday.

The restaurant’s primary focus is on Thai noodles.

Chai Chunton, co-owner and Sunnyside resident, said that the aim of his restaurant is to show that “Thai food is more than Pad Thai.” He said the restaurant offers everything from rice noodles in a spicy broth to curry noodles. “We want to focus on Thai noodles both broth and without broth.”

The restaurant provides patrons with the option to create their own noodle dish. Furthermore, there are vegetarian options.

The entrees for the most part are less than $10. A big bowl of noodles costs $8, salads around $7, to the classic Pad Thai running at $7.50.

The restaurant, located at 45-04 Queens Blvd., will be open from 11:30 a.m. until 11 p.m. Sunday-Thursday. On Friday and Saturday, Nodus will be open from 11:30 a.m. to 12 p.m. The restaurant does take -out, and will start delivery in about 10 days. The number is 718-707-0188.

Chunton is in business with Tony Tang, a popular Sunnyside figure who ran Flagship Entertainment at that location on Queens Blvd for more than 28 years. Tang has closed Flagship and converted it into the UPS store, which he owns, and Nodus.

“Nodus” is the Latin root word for noodle.

Photo: QueensPost

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Sunnyside Resident Michael

I recently had lunch and dinner there and the food was GREAT
The LUNCH BOX SPECIALS, which includes a salad, appetizer, entree, and a complimentary canned soda… and for a dollar more you can substitute the canned soda for their DELICIOUS thai iced tea, were GREAT…
Dinner over at Nodus was also very well-worth it… although i do believe the portions could be a little more. Their chocolate desert was the “cherry on top”, truly amazing.
I would recommend anyone and everyone to this new Thai restaurant. Although there are many Thai restaurant in the neighborhood, i am happy Nodus opened. I wish the Nodus tons of success…


Congratulation to Grand0pening Nodus…emm!!It’s teste every good…I hope i will visit restaurant soon Goodluck to all…

Long time resident

I ate lunch here yesterday. It was good, and the menu looks decent. Someone had commented that it looked dark inside. There’s actually a sky light. I sat in the middle of the dining room, and was easily able to read the paper.


Dear Sunnyside Gripe post, I agree with you we are very diversified here in sunnyside. Alot happenig here. Exciting town here. a gost town that we are not. We all make this a very enriched town let keeep it posivie and happy. Keep spending out money in our town.


I don’t see a TV mounted on the wall in that pic. That’s a good omen. I stopped going to the Gray Point thai restaurant when they put up a big, loud, annoying TV on the wall. Maybe I’m just old-fashioned but when dining out I prefer conversation, some easy background music, some decor to admire. It seems you can’t get away from TV these days.

Sunnygripe Post

Any time a swanky restaurant or young resident moves in, someone gripes that it’s the next Brooklyn, the next Manhattan, the next whatever. Let’s just be happy that it’s not a ghost town and support these local businesses. (Including the ones that through raffles for gay wedding receptions.)


Sunnyside- North and Sunnyside- South thanks for your wondeful, posiive upbeat attitude. It is so refreshing to see. Maybe more business will open soon. We are getting a new bakery on the north side of the blvd summer end. or september from the cake supply man.

alot of very good posiive things are happening in sunnyside!

Sunnysider North

I am glad that sunnyside is getting more and more choices. The place looks very chic which is something that this area needs. I haven’t tried the food yet but I am hoping it will be good. I am in general excited to see that sunnyside is getting a facelift and is becoming more diverse and cultural. We have new people moving in the area and there are a tons of new places developing. Sunnyside has a great potential so I am hoping we are getting somewhere good!


very much enjoyed our first meal there. nothing crazy, but well worth it for the moderate prices. will likely become a go-to place for quick lunch/dinner a few times a month.


…or the one around the corner near the park. Or the one on Skillman Avenue. Or the one on 43rd.

Couldn’t get there for lunch today. I WILL someday Sunnysider.


hope this doesn’t spell doom for the thai place directly across the street, or the other one located a block away.


Anon bravo Bravo!! to you and your family as taste tasters . Glad it was a great experience for the family. Big on service. Great Job. Especially happy about your 3 years old usually waitstaff could care less.

lets go sunnyside lets get behind this restauant.


Ate there last night with my husband and 3yr old daughter. Simply delicious. We’re huge fans of Thai food, and Nodus did not disappoint. Delicate flavors, fresh ingredients and a nice new twist on old favorites. The waitstaff was attentive and great with my daughter – to the point of promising to have crayons and paper on hand for kids the next time we came. As a long time resident of Sunnyside, I’m beyond thrilled to have city caliber restaurants in walking distance.


It was packed when I stopped by to pick up a menu yesterday. It looks quite chic. Good luck Nodus! I’ll certainly be stopping by!


I hope this place gets an A rating as I’ve been looking forward to eating there. From the picture it looks a bit dark in there, maybe he can add some pictures or colorful accents/lighting.

Is that customer sticking his middle finger at the camera? 🙂

Really looking forward to frequenting Nodus!


Good luck – I hope it works out – there are many Thai restaurants nearby. I was sorry that the store closed – not everybody likes Netflix!


A very big congrats for this new resstaruat. the whole town should be excieted. My family has developed hundred of rolls f film over the years. Healty food is great. Let all go their and eat and enjoy.

If they built a business for 28 years he must know what he is doing. Best of luck to him.

If you cannot walk you can always dial.
Great updat by this site !


I tip my hat to anyone brave enough to start a business in this moribund economy.

Good luck and bon appetit.


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