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Another Sunnyside Retailer is Shuttered

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Jan. 12, 2011 Staff Report

Jennifer Accessories, a store located located on Queens Blvd (between 42nd and 43rd), has gone out of business. The store is located next to the former Starberry, which is about to be converted into a nail salon.

Many stores on the northern side of Queens Blvd have closed in the past 12 months.

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i really do not think either side of the blvd is affulent. the area is just a working class neighborhood. the area is not like it was 50 years ago.


The northern side of Queens Blvd. is more affluent yet the stores on that side of QB do not last long. I think the other side does better because of Sidetracks, Wendy’s, MacDonalds, etc.; also New York Eats. People go there more to eat and then hang out.


I bought one of my fave scarves at this place. Queens Boulevard landlords need to be more in tune with the demographics and needs of the neighborhood, not just their own wallets.


I will miss that store! I used to go in there all the time and they had so many unique items.

I just got an email from April Glass tonight. Apparently they are having difficulties, too, and are having a moving sale, but hoping to stay in the neighborhood, just in a smaller location. That is my husband’s favorite place to go into and bring a little something home for me. I hope they do stay in the neighborhood.

So many places closing; it is rather heartbreaking.

Don’t the landlords comprehend that an empty storefront brings in no money?


not a shocker. some developer will probably move in soon and put something there shinier and newer. could be good, could be bad. would be something.


We need a to market all our businesses in our town for sales. Or have a meeting with our landlords who are putting our businesses out of businesses. I do not remember a time when so many businees open and close so fast. Is it the rent to high is it lack of customers, what is the reason we have businesee comming and going so quickly. Does anyone have the magical answer


The people in the neighborhood don’t show enough support and the rent is probably too high to begin with. It is sad.


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