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No. 7 Train to be Closed from Times Square to 74th Street This Weekend

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Sept. 19, 2014 By Michael Florio

Getting around New York City is going to be a lot tougher for many residents of Sunnyside and Woodside this weekend.

No. 7 train service between Times Square-42nd Street and 74th Street/Roosevelt Ave will be suspended from 2 am Saturday through 4:30 am Monday, according to the MTA.

In lieu of the closures, the MTA will be providing two free shuttle services this weekend. One will run from Vernon Blvd/Jackson Ave to Queensboro Plaza, stopping at Hunters Point Ave, 45th Road/Court House Square, and Queens Plaza.

The other will run between Queensboro Plaza and 74th Street/Broadway, stopping at 33rd Street, 40th Street, 46th Street, 52nd Street, 61st Street/Woodside, and 69th Street.

The service disruptions are due to ongoing construction taking place along the 7 line and are expected to continue until 2017.


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El loco

Waiting for the 7 train at 8:15 Monday morning and the announcement comes at the station- the next train 9 minutes! 9 minutes at rush hour!


It is times like these that I truly appreciate living near the 61st Woodside station… LIRR…15minutes to Penn Station <3.

Ugh MTA…..


I remember as a kid the 7 train was big time ghetto lots a graffiti lots of those scary people playing boom boxes and crime…..but on game day there were police on every car so we felt safe commuting to Shea stadium…….i think things have gotten a lot better since


Hey, this is great news! I’m sure our local businesses will appreciate a captive audience this weekend, especially in the wasteland down by the gantries. Two big sidebars of advertising on this blog, people — look around you.

I for one am taking a long walk down to Home Depot for some scrap lumber and will be leading a whittling class out front of Claret for the remainder of the afternoon. Pronto Car Service will then be called: we will roll up and down Queens Boulevard playing Bix Beiderbecke as loud as possible. Round it off with and extra large fro-yo from 4^2 handles — now that’s what I call a Sunday well spent.


I was walking around Sunnyside today and I was introduced to a new homeless crazy person. Aggressive big fella , keeps asking for money . I laughed… a few blocks away was Bramer doing something in front of Wendy’s in another photo opportunity.

Good ol’ Sunnyside.


Absolutely the worst train line in NY—-did we win some poll about the 7 train being the best (posted here) a month ago? What a joke!

El loco

I’ve only lived here since ’89 but “me” has brought up a point that no one else ever has. Does anyone know how much money has been wasted on the 7 line in the last 25 years. The transit authority just does what it wants and no one says anything. Now they are putting in a new signal system that won’t work especially when the trains become overcrowded and people start holding the doors and delaying the trains.

Rachel Gellman

Oh my what awful news…How in the world are all our undocumented neighbors going to get to the museums and zoo this weekend?


=Moronic Train Assholes. Of course there will be few buses, they will be PACKED and, as usual, the MTA wont give a shit.

Empire State Bldg was put up in a year and a half. These retards have been working on the 7 train, shutting down wknd service, for as long as I have been here, ’98.

That tells me they have no idea what they are doing

F the MTA


They do this far too often and for too long. It is absurd, and is making the area undesireable to live in.


been a resident since 77 and this has been going as long as I have been living here! track repairs signal updates could have built a new subway line by now!


I don’t mind that they do this. They need to be able to work on the extension. What I don’t like is every single Monday morning after these service interruptions there is always some problem with the signals resulting in a messy commute. The MTA needs to improve the restoration of service so that we don’t have to deal with residual signal issues from the weekend work.


here we go again! “Fixing the gravy train-
How about you fix the track at 52 street that clearly is not aligned properly. You can hear the “clack clack” blocks away. Am I right?


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